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Unleashing Bitcoin’s Potential and Building the Future of Finance in London

Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Hackathon: Unleashing Innovation and Building with Bitcoin in Vibrant London.

by V. Sinclair
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Unleashing Innovation in the Heart of London!

Prepare for an extraordinary convergence of blockchain brilliance at the oversubscribed Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Hackathon, held in the vibrant heart of London. A two-day marathon of creativity and innovation awaits as participants delve into the world of Bitcoin and blockchain, envisioning and building solutions that can redefine financial infrastructure on a global scale.

📍 Location: Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY
🗓️ Date: October 21–22, 2023


Key Highlights

1. Building on Bitcoin with Stacks

Discover the groundbreaking potential of building actual Bitcoin applications with Stacks. Unlock the ability to reimagine banking systems, mortgage acquisition, and more—all fueled by Bitcoin and powered by smart contracts.

2. Prizes Worth £20,000 Await the Champions

Intriguing projects have a chance to win big with £20,000 in prizes up for grabs! Elevate your creation and make an impact on the financial landscape with your innovative solutions.

3. Diverse Participation: Coders and Non-Coders Welcome

The hackathon has been oversubscribed by 100+ eager participants, underscoring its popularity and demand. It’s a testament to the immense interest in building on Bitcoin. Non-coders have a shot at exclusive prizes, emphasizing inclusivity and innovation for all.

4. Live Panels and Informative Workshops

Engage with industry professionals in live panels covering blockchain, Web3, and Bitcoin. Pose your questions, gain insights, and deepen your understanding. Immerse yourself in informative workshops led by top educators in the field.

5. Networking and Career Opportunities

Connect with the Stacks team, leading minds in the Bitcoin and blockchain communities, venture capitalists, and Web3 recruiters. Discover potential job and internship openings in this thriving industry.

6. Exceptional Venue and Amenities

Protein Studios provides an ideal setting for creativity and collaboration. Enjoy excellent WiFi, cozy workspaces, all-day dining options, and relaxing lounge areas, ensuring a productive and comfortable hackathon experience.

Keep an Eye Out for Future Build on Bitcoin Events

Due to overwhelming interest, this hackathon is oversubscribed with 100+ participants. The enthusiasm and demand highlight the growing interest in building on Bitcoin. If you missed this opportunity, stay tuned for future events where you can explore and innovate in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Unleashed: Pushing Boundaries Beyond L2

Event: Bitcoin Unleashed
Date: October 19–20, 2023

Participants of the Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Hackathon are in for a treat! Registered hackers receive FREE tickets to Bitcoin Unleashed, a pre-event extravaganza. Gain insights from the creators of Stacks and EasyA, network with industry experts, and immerse yourself in the world of blockchain before the hackathon weekend kicks off.

Special Focus: sBTC and Innovation Beyond L2

Get ready for stimulating discussions about sBTC and the continuous innovation happening beyond all Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions. The future of Bitcoin is dynamic, and innovation is not stopping at any one Layer 2. Stay updated with the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

🚀 Seize the Opportunity, Unleash the Potential!

Get ready to embark on a journey of creation, collaboration, and transformation. Whether you’re an experienced coder or an enthusiastic newcomer, this hackathon promises an exhilarating venture into the future of blockchain technology. Join us in redefining financial landscapes and innovating with Bitcoin and smart contracts.

For more details and registration, visit and explore further events and tests on EasyA at Stay updated on the latest announcements by following us on Twitter. Let’s revolutionize the world of blockchain, one groundbreaking idea at a time! 🌟

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