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Steven Bartlett and Dr. Lisa Cameron MP are urging for immediate action on cryptocurrency regulation to ensure that London maintains its position as a global hub.

Cameron emphasized the critical juncture for the ecosystem and the UK's chance to foster an inclusive digital era.

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During London Web3 week, Zebu Live attracted 3,000 attendees and served as a major driver for conversation and movement. Coinbase will prioritize international expansion with the aim of reaching 1 billion people.
To discuss the future of Web3 and AI adoption, Mo Gawdat, Coinbase, zkSync, and Solana joined Steven Bartlett, Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, as well as Web3 and innovation leads at Google Cloud, Manchester United, and Hugo Boss.

London, October 12, 2023: At this year’s Zebu Live (5–6 October), prominent Web3 industry figures like Dr. Lisa Cameron MP and Steven Bartlett, host of the podcast Diary of a CEO and a BBC Dragon’s Den participant, called for a greater sense of urgency from the government and regulatory bodies like the FCA to establish and update new jurisdiction in order to support the UK’s momentum in becoming recognized as a global leader in crypto and blockchain innovation.

A discussion about the innovation and evolution of the systems and infrastructure of the crypto ecosystem took place at the event during London’s Web3 Week, with a focus on making mainstream decentralization a reality and transforming industry jargon into commonplace language. Discussion of key ideas at Zebu Live included:

MP asserts that innovation in the UK is hindered by present legislation

A common theme that emerged from multiple keynote speeches was the growing pressure on the UK government to embrace Web3’s prospects and provide a legal environment that can support innovation at a pivotal juncture in the digital revolution. Dr. Lisa Cameron, MP, one of Westminster’s most outspoken lawmakers on the subject of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, stated that there is a “12-month window to make the UK the hub of digital innovation,” but only if laws are established that encourage momentum from investors, customers, and businesses. In his conclusion, Cameron noted that the ecosystem is in a “pivotal moment” and that the UK has a “huge opportunity” to lay the groundwork for a future inclusive digital generation.

Further addressing the issue, Steven Bartlett said that although striking the right balance between preserving society and fostering innovation is crucial, doing so could result in industry-leading businesses leaving the UK for nations like Dubai that have more tolerant regulations.


The future of AI cannot be predicted, thus we must all take responsibility to develop it in a way that takes ethics into account
Mo Gawdat, an AI expert and best-selling author, and Steven Bartlett both discussed the fast-paced shift in AI technology and agreed that no one is in a position to give advice on its potential or how it might develop in the future. According to Mo, there is a “collective responsibility” to teach AI, speaking on the significance of people interacting responsibly with the computers. Web3 is planning to integrate AI substantially into its ecosystem. He continued by saying that “humans make decisions based on our ethics and values,” which are guided by our intelligence, and that we need to make sure that the computers pick up on a similar way of thinking.

Coinbase intensifies its “International First” policy in an effort to reach a further 1 billion users

In view of the current Web3 environment in the US, Tom Duff Gordon, Coinbase’s VP for International Policy, affirmed that the company’s main objective was to expand internationally. He emphasized their “international first mentality,” which comes after the unveiling of its “Go Broad, Go Deep” strategy, which was previously announced and subsequently secured partnerships with the Bank of Spain and The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). He said, “we want to bring a billion people into crypto, we’re all about economic freedom,” underscoring their “international first mentality.”

The need of making trading more accessible and secure was also highlighted by, Bitget, and Zodia as they each addressed their individual investment plans into innovations that facilitate worldwide adoption for both institutions and consumers.Similar remarks were made by Tal Kol, the founder of Orbs, regarding the need of Layer 3 blockchains and the tools needed for the upcoming cycle of broad adoption.

In an era of digital misinformation, blockchain delivers verification

Verification of information and assets is more crucial than ever in a world where hacking, deep fakes, and AI-generated content are sparking discussion about how this affects misinformation, particularly in the political and journalism settings. Before claiming that “more people are scammed with cash than crypto” and that blockchain technology is one of the only methods to authenticate accurate information or news, Steven Barlett expressed concern about the short-term risks of viewing and believing what is on the internet.

Raoul Pal, a well-known macro investor and the CEO of Real Vision Media, stated that as society continues to transition to a digital world, “blockchain creates digital scarcity” that in turn creates value. The oversaturation of limitless digital content in the contemporary environment finally reduces the value to zero. Chronicle offered more information about the limitations of on-chain data usage. was named the winner for 2023 after twenty of the best Web3 start-ups in the world were chosen from hundreds of applicants to compete for the opportunity to pitch at Zebu Live’s Degens Den.

Visit the Zebu Live website for additional details, and follow Zebu Live on social media for updates on the event and access to exclusive content before it returns on October 10–11, 2024.

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