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My Neighbor Alice – Dive into Alpha Season 4

Unleash Creativity and Community in My Neighbor Alice's Alpha Season 4 - A Web3 Wonderland Awaits!

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Explore the enchanting realm of My Neighbor Alice, a fully on-chain open-world builder game that has taken the Web3 gaming community by storm. Immerse yourself in a 3D wonderland, filled with activities like fishing, farming, and crafting unique NFTs to personalize avatars and lands. In its alpha phase, My Neighbor Alice, built entirely on the Chromia blockchain, stands out as one of the most anticipated Web3 games.

Unveiling My Neighbor Alice

Discover My Neighbor Alice is a captivating 3D game offering players two distinct experiences. It serves as a story-driven adventure game, intertwining characters like Bjorn and Alice in a narrative that invites players into engaging quests. Simultaneously, it provides an open social world where exploration knows no bounds, encouraging players to interact and create while venturing into diverse regions.

Chromia Blockchain Integration

My Neighbor Alice sets itself apart by being built entirely on the Chromia blockchain. Chromia, a relational blockchain platform, offers scalable, secure, and developer-friendly solutions. This integration enables the game to store and execute logic on the blockchain, a feature rare among blockchain games, ensuring a superior gaming experience.

How to Join My Neighbor Alice: Alpha Season 4

Alpha Season 4, launched on December 12th, 2023, introduces new content, a revamped environment, and enhanced player customization. Joining is simple; visit the My Neighbor Alice website, follow instructions to claim your time-limited free land, download the launcher, and step into the reimagined Lummelunda.

What’s New in Alpha Season 4?

  1. Revamped Environment: The entire game environment gets a makeover, with new terrain types and enhanced player customization options.
  2. Expanded Activities: Season 4 introduces a landscaping tool, animal interactions for crafting resources, and new trading stands for resource exchange.
  3. ELLE Partnership Continues: Explore lands dedicated to ELLE, completing exclusive quests to unlock secrets and craft ELLE-branded NFTs.

The ELLE Partnership and Crafting Dynamics

In Season 4, the collaboration with global fashion brand ELLE continues, adding NFT clothing and furniture items to the game. Crafting stands as a key activity, offering blueprints and tickets through activities, enabling the creation of NFTs for avatars and lands. Special NFTs may require the use of $ALICE, the game’s native currency.

The ALICE Token for Creativity and Economy

The ALICE token, the game’s native currency, powers the in-game economy. Acquired through various means, holding ALICE provides crafting capabilities, staking rewards, and potential governance influence. Crafting NFTs, trading on the marketplace, and engaging in Web3 activities are fueled by the ALICE token.

Inspired by popular titles like Animal Crossing and Minecraft, My Neighbor Alice offers an expansive open world where players can trade NFTs, take in-game jobs, become exporters, cultivate crops, and engage in a myriad of activities. Quests and community events enrich the gameplay, providing opportunities to explore and earn ALICE tokens.

NFTs and Marketplace Integration

My Neighbor Alice boasts a diverse range of NFTs, from animals to lands, crafted items, and decorations. Players own these items, fostering a vibrant marketplace for trading. Virtual lands, a coveted asset, come with distinct characteristics based on the Archipelago islands, each offering unique features.

Embark on a journey in My Neighbor Alice, where creativity knows no bounds, and the Web3 gaming experience reaches new heights. Join the alpha season now and become a part of this immersive blockchain-powered adventure.

Visit the My Neighbor Alice website to claim your free land and start your journey in Alpha Season 4.

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