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China Mobile Launches LinkNFT: Pioneering Web3.0 Experience for Hong Kong Residents

China's Leading Telecom Operator Unveils Innovative Platform to Foster Web3.0 Adoption.

by Isaac lane
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In a groundbreaking announcement on December 15, China Mobile, the country’s largest telecommunications operator, introduced LinkNFT, a cutting-edge NFT marketplace. The initiative aims to revolutionize the Web 3.0 landscape for Hong Kong citizens, offering a unique digital experience and contributing to the establishment of a novel digital economy.

LinkNFT: Bridging the Virtual and Physical

China Mobile’s LinkNFT serves as an NFT marketplace that not only facilitates digital asset NFT casting services for enterprises but also supports the production, transaction, and circulation of digital assets across various scenarios, including SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. The platform is multi-chain compatible, currently integrated with CMChain, ensuring Web 3.0 compatibility through a range of cross-chain standard components.

Exclusive Digital Wallet and Collaborations

Hong Kong residents using MyLink’s exclusive digital wallet, “Linky,” can effortlessly manage digital assets on their private chain, encompassing Ethereum digital assets like OpenSea. In collaboration with multiple sectors, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) has issued over 30 NFTs on LinkNFT, featuring commemorative pieces and collaborations with entities such as United Publishing House and Migu Music.

Web3.0 Plans for Hong Kong

The introduction of LinkNFT aligns with Hong Kong’s broader Web 3.0 plans. Web 3.0 applications, transitioning from virtual to reality through Dapps, signify an evolutionary stage. MyLink, actively expanding the Web 3.0 application ecosystem, aims to establish a unified digital identity for Hong Kong citizens.

Fostering Web3.0 Collaboration Ecosystem

MyLink’s initiative seeks to validate personal data’s value and integrate various assets on the blockchain through decentralized application scenarios. By introducing LinkNFT, leveraging Web 3.0’s technical standards, MyLink aims to create a business model centered on data elements, providing diverse NFTs for enterprises to offer innovative consumer rights. This strategic move contributes to building a collaborative Web3.0 ecosystem for Hong Kong, ultimately realizing a digital Web3.0 life for its citizens.

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