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AI-Powered Decentralised NFT Data Network, Bitscrunch announces $BCUT Token Sale on CoinList, Testnet Task 4, and much more

Exploring the multifaceted developments within the bitsCrunch ecosystem, including the BCUT Token Sale, insights into bitsCrunch's mission and capabilities, and the excitement surrounding Testnet Task 4.

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bitscrunch token sale

At the core of bitsCrunch is on a mission to elevate the global Web3 ecosystem and revolutionize data integrity and fraud detection in the NFT landscape. The platform aims to forge a safer, transparent future for NFTs and other digital assets by providing unparalleled data insights, forensic data, and development tools.

It employs AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced fraud detection, conducts comprehensive data analysis utilizing on-chain and off-chain sources, and fosters community-driven innovation. The bitsCrunch Network, powered by advanced AI, serves as a community-driven ecosystem fostering continuous growth and refinement.

Team, Fundraising, and Strategic Partnerships:

Founded by industry experts Vijay PravinM and Gopi Kannappan, bitsCrunch boasts an impressive backing of over $6.5 million from leading investors such as Coinbase, animocabrands, polygon, chainlink and more, showcasing market confidence. Collaborations with industry giants like Unstoppable Domains and DappRadar further enhance BitCrunch’s capabilities and reach.

Use Cases Across Industries:

bitsCrunch extends its influence beyond the NFT space, offering crucial data for market trends and trading strategies in DeFi and NFT integration. It contributes to fraud detection and prevention by providing real-time alerts and analytics, while also facilitating compliance and regulation for a safer NFT ecosystem.

BCUT Token Sale :

The BCUT Token Sale, scheduled for December 14th in partnership with CoinList, marks a pivotal moment for bitsCrunch. $BCUT, the native token, is designed to facilitate smooth operations within the network, with all participants utilizing BCUT for various roles.

Token Sale Details:

6% of the 60 million $BCUT token supply was allocated for public sale.

An additional 10 million $BCUT may be made available for purchase during the token sale.

BCUT will serve as a gateway to smart insights on NFTs and other blockchain assets.

Tokenomics of $BCUT:

The utility-focused BCUT token powers the network, emphasizing secure operations and economic sustainability. With a model designed to balance supply, demand, and long-term network health, $BCUT plays a pivotal role in the bitsCrunch ecosystem.

Tokenomics details – 

Security Audits

Token Sale Announcement:

To further amplify its impact, bitsCrunch announces the BCUT token sale scheduled for December 14th, in partnership with CoinList. Interested participants can access smart insights on NFTs and other blockchain assets by joining the BCUT token sale. With 6% of the token supply allocated for public sale and an additional 10,000,000 $BCUT potentially available, the community is invited to contribute to the decentralization of blockchain analytics and forensics.


In the confluence of the BCUT Token Sale, Testnet Task 4, and the thriving bitsCrunch ecosystem. BitsCrunch not only pioneers advanced technology but also embodies the spirit of collaboration and community-driven progress. As the platform continues to redefine the boundaries of blockchain integrity, participants and enthusiasts alike are invited to join this groundbreaking journey toward a decentralized, transparent future.

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