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Floki and TokenFi Forge Strategic Partnership with Indian Legends League

Floki and TokenFi join forces with Manipal Tigers and Bhilwara Kings in a major promotional collaboration.

by Isaac lane
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Cryptocurrency project Floki and its strategic ally, TokenFi, have entered into a significant promotional partnership with two iconic Indian cricket teams, the Manipal Tigers and the Bhilwara Kings. The collaboration is part of an ambitious marketing initiative aimed at reaching over 700 million cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Cricket Team Sponsorship and Visibility

As outlined in Floki‘s official Medium blog and X platform announcement, Floki and TokenFi will be actively involved in promoting their brands as they assume key sponsorship roles for the Manipal Tigers and Bhilwara Kings, respectively. Floki, in particular, will be the “back-of-shirt sponsor and leading upper-arm sponsor” for the Manipal Tigers, while TokenFi will take up similar roles for the Bhilwara Kings.

Comprehensive Marketing Rights and Access

The partnership also grants Floki and TokenFi a suite of marketing rights, including dynamic social media promotions and exclusive signed merchandise. This strategic collaboration ensures high visibility for both brands during the Legends League Cricket event scheduled in India from November 18 to December 9, 2023.

TokenFi will make its debut in the tournament’s opening match as the Bhilwara Kings face off against the India Capitals. Simultaneously, Floki will take the spotlight in the November 20 match, featuring the Manipal Tigers and the Gujarat Giants. With a total of 19 matches, Floki and TokenFi anticipate substantial exposure to a global audience exceeding 700 million cricket enthusiasts.

Legends League Cricket’s Impressive Reach

Floki emphasizes that the Legends League Cricket commands an impressive average TV rating, standing 300% higher than any other international T20 league. This statistic underscores the potential for extensive brand exposure and engagement during the high-profile cricket event.

Describing the collaboration as an “aggressive marketing assault,” Floki aims to leverage the partnership to introduce the Floki and TokenFi brands to a massive cricket fanbase, further solidifying their presence in the rapidly growing crypto space.

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