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Republic Chooses Avalanche Blockchain for Dividend Distribution

Republic's Strategic Move: Issuing Republic Note on Avalanche Blockchain for Dividend Distribution

by Isaac lane
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Republic, a forward-looking investment and technology firm, is set to issue its upcoming digital asset, Republic Note, on the Avalanche blockchain network. This move signals a strategic choice for distributing dividends to investors within the Republic’s extensive investment infrastructure.

Republic Note: Flagship Investment Product on Avalanche

Republic Note, positioned as the firm’s flagship investment product, will function as a digital asset providing dividends to users engaging with Republic’s 750+ private equity portfolio. Priced at $0.36, the Republic Note currently holds a dividend pool size exceeding $900,000. Once this pool reaches $2 million, dividends will be distributed using Circle’s USDC stablecoin.

In its early stages, Republic Note has secured over $30 million from private and institutional investors. Over 290,000 community members have already signed up for the crypto-based program, anticipating its full market entry.

Avalanche Blockchain’s Unique Advantages

Despite not enjoying Ethereum‘s widespread recognition, the Avalanche network offers unique benefits, such as speed, scale, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Republic highlights Avalanche’s position as the fastest blockchain protocol in terms of block-to-finality throughput.

Republic’s President, Andrew Durgee, emphasizes the partnership’s alignment with their long-term vision of creating inclusive financial markets. The decision to leverage the Avalanche blockchain is influenced by its flexibility, speed, and the forthcoming launch of a dedicated subnet for the Republic Note token in 2024.

Republic Note: Not Your Typical Crypto Asset

While operating on distributed ledger technology, Republic Note differs from regular crypto assets like Bitcoin. It won’t be speculated on conventional crypto exchanges but will be deployed on specific platforms. Republic confirms the asset’s launch on INX, a US-regulated secondary trading platform for decentralized assets.

The Republic Note is expected to launch on INX and other special securities exchanges within the next two or three months, marking a distinctive approach to its vision of inclusive financial markets.

Republic Note joins the ranks of industry giants like the Blockstream ASIC Note (BASIC), emphasizing its unique role in providing users access to digital securities payable in Bitcoin, contributing to the acquisition of ASIC mining machines to generate new Bitcoin.

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