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Sam Altman and Greg Brockman expressed similar shock at OpenAI’s board decision.

After being fired and asked to resign from their roles by OpenAI's board, Sam Altman and Greg Brockman exchanged opinions.

by V. Sinclair
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Co-Founder Greg Brockman was bound to follow the OpenAI board’s decision to remove CEO Sam Altman. The OpenAI board committee unanimously decided on Saturday that co-founder Greg Brockman and founder Sam Altman ought to resign from their positions.

In response, both executives expressed their opinions on X (previously Twitter) with great sadness.

Brockman. Regrets the Board’s Decision

Sam Altman and Greg Brockman both expressed extreme sadness and shock at the abrupt and unforeseen changes to the company’s board composition.

The tech community was enthralled with conjecture and confusion following Greg Brockman’s post on X, which revealed the information. He confirmed that Greg Brockman received a text from Ilya Sutskever a few minutes later at 12:19 pm, which prompted a brief Google Meet call.

Greg was informed during this call that he would no longer be serving on the board, but he was also given the assurance that he would continue to play an important role in the company. It was simultaneously reported that Sam Altman had lost his job. OpenAI quickly released a blog post detailing the modifications.

It is reported that shortly after these developments, the management team was briefed aside from Mira Murati, who supposedly found out about the modifications the previous evening.

Sam Altman’s Scattered Emotions Came Out

Altman expressed all of his feelings on his most recent X posts after learning of the board’s decision. He said, “I love you all,” and expressed his feelings of uncanniness. “It’s like reading your eulogy while you’re still alive,” Altman satirically remarks, slamming the board right after the startling revelation.

In a more recent post, he asserted that the OpenAI committee would sue him and take away his company shares if he expressed his displeasure with the board’s decision.

Overall, the reason the board removed the two is still unknown, but based on Altman’s posts, it appears that there is something that is not widely known.

Additionally, Sam Altman shared with his followers in a previous post how much he the present, during the stage of innovation and development.


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