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Bitcoin OG Places Million Satoshi Bet on $100K Pre-Halving Surge

Adam Back, Blockstream CEO and Bitcoin Pioneer, Backs Bullish Bet

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Blockstream CEO Adam Back, a prominent figure in the early days of cryptocurrency, is confidently betting that Bitcoin will surpass $100,000 before its 2024 halving event. Back engaged in a spirited Twitter exchange with pseudonymous user @Vikingobbitcoin, culminating in a bet that Bitcoin would hit the $100,000 mark by March 31, 2024, ahead of Vikingobbitcoin’s prediction of 2025.

Strategic Timing Ahead of Halving

Back’s belief in an impending all-time high for Bitcoin aligns with his anticipation of an earlier peak than the halving date itself, which is projected for April 26. The bet was staked in satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin unit, amounting to approximately $290 currently, with the potential to yield over $1,000 if Back’s forecast materializes.

Growing Bullish Sentiment

Despite the modest size of the wager relative to Back’s estimated net worth of $50 to $300 million, it underscores a mounting bullish sentiment among market commentators and analysts leading up to the halving event. Fellow bitcoin enthusiast and CEO of Jan3, Samson Mow, echoed Back’s expectation of a pre-halving all-time high.

Market experts like Charles Edwards of Capriole Investments predict that the approaching halving will solidify Bitcoin’s status as the “hardest asset in the world.” Edwards further forecasts that the market is already entering the early stages of a new bullish cycle, reinforcing the optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s future trajectory.


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