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Xai Gaming Network Unveils Exciting Airdrop on Arbitrum

Xai's Airdrop Extravaganza: NFT Holders and Node Runners in for a Crypto Delight.

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Arbitrum‘s innovative “layer-3” gaming network, Xai, is set to make waves with its eagerly anticipated token airdrop. Scheduled for December 27, this event adds a thrilling dimension to the crypto gaming landscape.

Behind the Scenes: Xai’s Collaboration with Offchain Labs

Developed on the Ethereum scaler, Arbitrum’s Xai is a collaborative effort with Offchain Labs. Comprising the Xai Foundation, token, and blockchain, this initiative aims to introduce a unique gas token for transaction fees and serve as the primary currency for in-game transactions and NFT purchases on the blockchain.

Exclusive Airdrop Recipients: Odyssey Legendaries and Vanguard Owners

Come December 27, Xai tokens will rain down on the proud owners of Odyssey Legendaries and Vanguards—distinctive NFTs with a profile picture style. Additionally, holders of Xai Sentry Keys, empowering users to run nodes vital for the Xai Gaming network, are in for the airdrop treat.

Eligibility Window: Sentry Keys Still Open for Participation

While it’s too late to acquire Odyssey Legendaries and Vanguards for the first Xai airdrop, there’s still a chance for those eyeing Sentry Keys. Eligibility remains open, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to be part of the Xai gaming revolution.

Tokenomics Unveiling: Xai Foundation’s Regulatory Review

As anticipation builds, the Xai Foundation is diligently finalizing the tokenomics, undergoing rigorous regulatory and compliance reviews. Once approved for public release, the Xai Foundation promises to unveil the tokenomics through official social media channels.

Security Alert: Beware of Airdrop Scams

While airdrops offer exciting opportunities, caution is paramount. Xai has already issued a warning about phishing scams, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding against malicious actors. The team’s proactive measures, including sending new keys to impacted users, highlight their commitment to a secure crypto community.

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