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Swiss Bank SGKB Partners with SEBA to Offer Retail Crypto Services

Switzerland's SGKB partners with SEBA Bank to provide Bitcoin and Ethereum services to a wider retail clientele

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St. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB), Switzerland’s fifth-largest cantonal bank, is teaming up with SEBA Bank to extend cryptocurrency services to a broader client base. This partnership aims to offer Swiss customers custody and trading services for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), marking a significant stride towards making digital assets accessible to retail consumers.

Expanding Digital Asset Access

SGKB, founded in 1868 and operating with 35 branches in eastern Switzerland, is entering the digital asset arena in collaboration with SEBA Bank, a FINMA-regulated digital asset specialist. While the initial phase targets wealth-management clients, SGKB has plans to include retail customers and broaden its cryptocurrency offerings.

Christian Bieri, SEBA Bank‘s Head of Investment Solutions, also noted that they are considering adding more cryptocurrencies and staking services in the future.

Switzerland’s Evolving Crypto Landscape

This move mirrors the ongoing trend in Switzerland, where many banks are embracing cryptocurrencies and extending their services to retail consumers. The market’s growth and the increasing adoption of digital assets offer room for multiple offerings, fostering competition and driving further market expansion. Switzerland’s crypto-friendly stance is exemplified by this partnership.

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

SGKB‘s foray into the digital asset space through its collaboration with SEBA Bank reflects its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This partnership enables clients to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into their investment portfolios. By adding support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), SGKB is taking a promising step, with expansion plans in the pipeline based on client demand.

The partnership between St. Galler Kantonalbank and SEBA Bank marks a substantial milestone in Switzerland’s journey of digital asset adoption. It serves to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and inclusive for a broader range of customers, aligning with the nation’s progressive approach to digital assets.

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