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SuperteamUK February 2024 Recap: Celebrating Solana’s Growth Across the UK

Connecting Communities, Empowering Innovators: SuperteamUK's February Recap.

by Isaac lane
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In a bid to connect with the community and commemorate the Renaissance Hackathon by Colosseum, SuperteamUK embarked on a grand tour across the United Kingdom throughout February. Visiting five cities and hosting fifteen events, the Golden Age Tour aimed to celebrate the remarkable growth of Solana.

Building Bridges with BuildStop and BuildSchool

Throughout February, SuperteamUK’s signature co-working space, BuildStop, played host to four enriching sessions. These sessions offered attendees deep dives into various topics, featuring roundtable discussions and expert-led office hours. Additionally, the launch of BuildSchool at the University of York provided students with a comprehensive one-day experience aimed at equipping them with the skills to innovate on the Solana blockchain.

Global Engagement and Expert Insights

SuperteamUK continued its global engagement efforts by successfully hosting the second round of Ecosystem Call watch parties in London and Glasgow. Moreover, key figures from SuperteamUK, including @CapinUK, @1MrHarding, and @0xk2_, shared their expertise on Solana through guest lectures at prestigious institutions like UCL and Imperial College London.

Community Collaboration and Innovation

In a delightful collaboration with United Claydom of Claynosaurz, SuperteamUK organized ‘Darts with Dinos,’ a fun-filled evening of darts and camaraderie. Additionally, the inaugural Solana Scribes content hackathon garnered significant attention, with the UK securing a spot in the top five rankings.

SuperteamUK recognized Keydesign as the Member of the Month for embodying the ethos of community engagement and providing valuable contributions and suggestions.

Looking Ahead: BuildExpress, Partnerships, and BuildStation Return

As February draws to a close, SuperteamUK looks forward to a packed schedule, including BuildExpress in Manchester, forging partnerships for AI hackathons, participation in a Blockchain Conference in Oxford, and the highly anticipated return of BuildStation on March 25th.

With each initiative and event, SuperteamUK remains dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and community growth within the Solana ecosystem across the UK.

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