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CoinBrit attends SuperteamUK’s BuildStop Launch

The weekly event hosted every Friday, where people from web3 and beyond have the opportunity to co-work together, strengthen connections and share ideas.

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The first few hours of the day were dedicated to pure hard work, dedication and exploration of SuperteamUK’s new beautiful space.

Then came the surprise highlight: a roundtable discussion with tech veteran Alan Boyd! With over 40 years in the game, Boyd has seen it all, from being hired by Bill Gates in 1980 to helping scale giants like Lenovo. His deep knowledge and practical startup wisdom were like gold to SuperteamUK members, each nugget of advice a springboard for their own ventures.

Round Table with Alan Boyd

BuildStop wasn’t just about listening to experts. There were also exciting opportunities to earn money! SuperteamUK announced $100 bounties for the best recap write-ups of BuildStop and the alpha shared at City Hall. As well as bounties for Moongate and Ludero, which could see individuals earn around $2,000 in total. A great chance for all to use their skills and be rewarded for it!



BuildStop was a resounding success, leaving everyone with a head full of ideas, a heart full of inspiration, and a calendar marked for every upcoming Friday. Each week promises to be another chapter in this thrilling entrepreneurial adventure, packed with awesome people, valuable knowledge, and maybe even a chance to grab your share of the bounty. So, if you’re dreaming of building something big, SuperteamUK‘s BuildStop is the place to be!




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