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FluxBeam DEX Releases Fluxbot and Token22: A Game-Changer in Solana Trading

Revolutionizing Solana Trading: Introducing Fluxbot and Token22 on FluxBeam DEX - Your Gateway to Seamless and Profitable Transactions!

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FluxBeam DEX introduces Fluxbot, a Telegram bot revolutionizing Solana trading. With a mere 0.75% fee, Fluxbot stands out for its affordability compared to other bots. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, Fluxbot caters to all, combining the power of AI with a user-friendly interface.

Recognition and Support: Rising Stars in Solana’s Ecosystem

As the Grand Champion of the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon, FluxBeam DEX has swiftly gained recognition. Ranking #2 in Solana’s Total Value Locked (TVL) increase by 47.78% over the last 30 days, FluxBeam showcases its prowess. Moreover, with backing from a grant from the Solana Foundation, FluxBeam is well-positioned for continued success.

FluxBeam places a strong emphasis on integrating with Solana’s new token protocol – Token Extensions (Token22). This forward-looking approach aligns FluxBeam with the evolving standards of the Solana blockchain.

Fluxbot’s Features: A Game-Changer in Solana Trading

Fluxbot, designed exclusively for Solana, offers unparalleled features:

  1. AI-Powered Interface: Driven by AI, Fluxbot provides a seamless trading experience.
  2. Unique Integrations: Directly integrating with FluxBeam, Raydium, Meteora, and more, Fluxbot ensures a speed advantage in trading.
  3. Safety and Transparency: Rugcheck integration adds an extra layer of safety, providing users with risk scores for new pools.

FluxBeam DEX introduces key trading features:

  1. Copy Trading: Beginners can follow the strategies of experienced traders.
  2. Token Sniping: Be at the forefront of acquiring new tokens.
  3. Dollar Cost Averaging: Mitigate market volatility with regular investments.
  4. Real-Time Pool Notifications: Stay informed about new token pools with immediate rug check risk scores.

$FLUXB Token: Powering Fluxbot’s Ecosystem

$FLUXB, the official token of Fluxbot, is the first Token Extensions/Token22 listing on any CEX. With a 3% transfer tax and 2x daily reflections for eligible holders, $FLUXB is a vital part of FluxBeam’s thriving ecosystem.

FluxBeam’s readiness for the upcoming $JUP launch on Meteora DLMM showcases its commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic crypto landscape. The integration of Rugcheck, analytics, and direct buying from notifications positions FluxBeam DEX as a trailblazer in Solana trading.

FluxBeam DEX’s introduction of Fluxbot and its alignment with Token Extensions reaffirms its status as a pioneer in Solana’s decentralized exchange landscape. With innovative features and continuous advancements, FluxBeam remains at the forefront of the crypto revolution.

FluxBot Copy Trader Upgrade

Faster and More Customizable than Ever!

The FluxBot Copy Trader has received a significant upgrade, introducing more features to simplify the process of copying other traders:

  • Copy Only Buys: Replicate top traders’ buy orders to build your portfolio.
  • Copy Only Sells: Smartly exit the market with successful sell strategies.
  • Copy Buys & Sells: Engage in a full copy strategy for comprehensive trading.
  • % Sells: Sell a percentage of your assets or match your trader’s sell percentage.
  • % Buys: Set any buy percentage you want or mimic your trader’s buy percentage.
  • Custom & Preset Percentages: Tailor your trades to fit your trading style.
  • Max Spend: Ideal for controlled and cautious buying using buy percentage only.

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