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Strike Launches Bitcoin Payments App in Europe

European Users Gain Access to Bitcoin and Lightning Network Services with Strike's Highly-Anticipated Launch.

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Bitcoin Payments App

The long-awaited European debut of Strike, a popular Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments app, has been announced, marking a significant milestone in the region’s cryptocurrency landscape. The platform’s arrival enables eligible individuals and businesses across Europe to seamlessly buy, sell, send, withdraw Bitcoin, and make local currency payments.

Addressing European Demand: “Wen Europe?”

European Bitcoin enthusiasts have eagerly awaited Strike’s arrival, prompting inquiries about its launch timeline. In response to the community’s anticipation, Jack Mallers, founder and CEO of Strike, emphatically declared, “Now!” The European launch follows extensive preparations and user sightings on app stores in select countries before the official announcement.

Key Features for European Users

Strike’s custodial iOS and Android app offers a range of features tailored to European users’ needs. Individuals can purchase Bitcoin directly with free unlimited SEPA euro deposits from their bank accounts, with instant availability where supported. Additionally, users can schedule recurring purchases, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Seamless Bitcoin Transactions

Customers have the flexibility to sell Bitcoin and withdraw funds to their bank accounts or self-custodial wallets. They can also make payments over the Bitcoin or Lightning Network without limitations, facilitating efficient peer-to-peer transactions and promoting wider adoption of cryptocurrency.

Utilizing Lightning Network for Fast and Cost-Effective Payments

Strike leverages the Lightning Network to facilitate fast and cost-effective micropayments. All Strike customers are assigned a Lightning Address, simplifying the process of receiving payments. Users can receive payments in Bitcoin or euros, with automatic conversion for the latter, enhancing usability and versatility.

Global Peer-to-Peer Transfers and Remittances

European users can leverage Strike’s global peer-to-peer transfers via Lightning, enabling instant transfers to friends’ Strike accounts worldwide. The app supports various currencies, including euros, U.S. dollars, and USDT, offering flexibility and convenience in cross-border transactions. Moreover, Strike’s “Send Globally” feature facilitates fast and low-cost local currency remittances to supported regions, including Africa, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, and Vietnam, using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as a global payment rail.

Strike’s Expansion and Vision

Strike’s expansion into Europe marks another milestone in its rapid global growth. With availability in over 70 countries, Strike is poised to capitalize on Bitcoin’s potential to reshape the global financial landscape. Mallers emphasizes Bitcoin’s transformative impact on financial inclusion and its ability to address pressing global challenges, positioning Strike as a leading platform for Bitcoin adoption in Europe and beyond.

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