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Solana’s Meme Coin MYRO Surpasses Pepe with $98M Trading Volume and 65% Price Surge

Solana's meme coin MYRO has surpassed Pepe Coin in 24-hour trading volume, reaching an impressive $98 million. The 65% surge in price follows ByBit's strategic listing, reflecting MYRO's growing popularity.

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Solana‘s meme coin MYRO has rapidly gained traction, outpacing the well-known Pepe Coin in 24-hour trading volume. As of January 18, MYRO’s trading volume soared to an impressive $98 million, surpassing Pepe Coin‘s $77 million.

This sudden surge in trading volume aligns with a substantial price increase of over 65%, emphasizing MYRO’s rising prominence in the meme coin sector.

MYRO Dethrones Pepe Coin

MYRO’s ascent to the top of the Solana meme coin charts has been swift and dramatic, with its trading volume eclipsing that of Pepe Coin. The MYRO crypto has experienced a remarkable 65% increase in price, capturing the enthusiasm of crypto enthusiasts.

The surge comes at a time when Solana-based meme coins, including Popcat, MYRO, and dogwifhat (WIF), are gaining attention and reshaping market dynamics.

ByBit’s Strategic Listing Boost

ByBit‘s strategic move to list the MYRO/USDT pair on its platform has played a significant role in MYRO’s recent rally. The announcement, made on January 18, outlined the listing timeline, with MYRO deposits opening the same day, the listing scheduled for January 19, and withdrawals available on January 20, all through the Solana network.

Price Movements Amid Listing Announcement

The price surge coincides with ByBit’s decision to list MYRO, introducing a new dimension to MYRO’s trajectory. ByBit’s listing announcement comes with an enticing event – a Token Splash offering users a share of an 800,000 MYRO Prize Pool. New users can also participate in the opportunity to earn a portion of 700,000 MYRO by signing up, completing identity verification, and making a deposit or purchasing token. Existing users can earn 40 MYRO by accumulating a deposit volume during the event.

As of the latest update, the token price has surged by 67.29%, trading at $0.2352, with a 101.07% increase in trading volume to $98.16 million over the last 24 hours. In contrast, Pepe Coin’s price has dropped by 2.89% to $0.000001188, with an 11.62% increase in trading volume to $77.11 million.

MYRO’s volatile price movements in the last 24 hours, touching a high of $0.2464 and a low of $0.1424, underscore the dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies.

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