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SEBA Bank Transforms into ‘AMINA’ in Pivot to Crypto Banking Era

Swiss crypto bank SEBA Bank AG has officially rebranded as AMINA Bank AG, signaling a pivotal shift in its strategic focus.

by Isaac lane
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Swiss crypto bank SEBA Bank AG has undergone a significant transformation and is now officially known as AMINA Bank AG. This rebranding marks a strategic shift for the fully licensed bank, reflecting its commitment to offering both traditional and crypto banking services on a global scale.

Embracing a New Identity

The newly unveiled name, ‘AMINA,’ draws inspiration from ‘transAMINAtion,’ symbolizing the seamless transfer from one state to another. AMINA positions itself as a dynamic brand dedicated to constant evolution, seamlessly merging the worlds of traditional, digital, and crypto banking to unlock fresh possibilities and foster growth for its clients. This transformation signifies a forward-looking approach to shaping the financial futures of its clientele.

Building on Crypto Banking Legacy

SEBA Bank initially gained prominence in 2019 as one of the pioneering institutions regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to provide crypto banking services. The decision to rebrand as AMINA represents a rejuvenated start for the bank, leveraging over four years of operational expertise in the evolving crypto-banking landscape.

AMINA Bank proudly carries forward the pioneering spirit of SEBA Bank, positioning itself as a Swiss-regulated crypto bank catering to a diverse clientele, including both traditional and crypto-savvy customers worldwide.

Global Presence and Future Alignment

With operations spanning key locations such as Zug, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong, AMINA Bank is strategically positioned to serve clients globally. The bank’s vision involves aligning its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore, along with the Abu Dhabi branch office, with the new identity to maintain consistency across its global footprint. This synchronized approach aims to reinforce AMINA Bank’s commitment to providing innovative financial solutions across regions.

This rebranding initiative signifies a pivotal moment for AMINA Bank as it embarks on a transformative journey, embracing change and anticipating the evolving needs of its clientele in the dynamic landscape of traditional and crypto banking.

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