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NvirWorld has collaborated with Certik to bolster the security of its ecosystem.

"NvirWorld and CERTIK Partnership: Pioneering a Secure Web3 Era with New Leadership and Strategic Alliances"

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The blockchain-focused company “NvirWorld” officially announced its partnership with the highly regarded security platform “CERTIK” on the 22nd. NvirWorld hopes to use CERTIK’s sophisticated blockchain security solutions through this relationship in order to build a dependable Web3 ecosystem alongside its continued growth.

CERTIK has strategic relationships with well-known cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world, including Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global, OKEx, and Coinone. It also maintains affiliations with a large portfolio of over 4,000 organizations. The security assessment and verification services provided by CERTIK are available for digital currencies listed on these platforms.

NvirWorld is assiduously stepping up its project operations, as seen by recent upgrades to its SNS community and expert recruiting. Through a variety of services, including metaverses, NFT marketplaces, and games, they hope to connect Web2 culture and Web3 space. The goal of these initiatives is to give the audience a thorough Web3 lifestyle trip.

NvirWorld has appointed Jason Y., a recognized strategist formerly connected to Binance, as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in an effort to lead the upcoming Web3 epoch in the dynamic blockchain sector. By the end of the month, a declaration about the appointment of a new CEO is also anticipated.

A representative for NvirWorld said,

“As the Web3 landscape keeps growing,’security’ becomes increasingly important for people and things in decentralized environments. Our partnership with CERTIK is a perfect fit for our goal of building a safe Web3 foundation. “Our partnership with CERTIK is not only about ensuring security, dependability, and trust in our developing ecosystem, but also about broadening our Web3 affiliations through this formal agreement,”

Separately, CERTIK received recognition for its proficiency in blockchain security at the CB Insights Blockchain 50 in March 2022. After receiving this recognition, they won the Cybersecurity Global Excellence Award at the Globee Awards.

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