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Introducing Proximum: A Revolutionary Network Protocol

Redefining the Future of Networks and Currencies Through Proximity-Based Consensus and Revolutionary Protocols.

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Proximum emerges as a groundbreaking network protocol with a mission to saturate spacetime with nodes, enhancing physics through reliable computation. This innovative protocol introduces proximity-based consensus, and trustless primitives, delineates local regions, and facilitates the creation of local flatcoins to foster human prosperity.

Why Proximum?

The driving force behind Proximum’s creation stems from an unwavering optimism. The founders envision a future where the security of Bitcoin is heightened, networks are more secure, and computational capabilities surpass existing standards. Proximum aims to build upon the principles of Ethereum and the speed of Solana while seeking stability in units of account and cost-effective mediums of exchange. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the Denationalisation of Money and challenge the surveillance state that pervades modern society.

The Plan: Unveiling the Testnets and Mainnets

Syene (Testnet, Terrestrial): Initiated on 2024-01-01, this phase marks the beginning of Proximum’s terrestrial testing.

Alexandria (Mainnet, Terrestrial): The next crucial step in Proximum’s evolution, transitioning from testnet to mainnet on terrestrial networks.

Ptolemy (Testnet, + Solar Locations): Expanding the testing grounds to include solar locations, exploring the feasibility of Proximum beyond Earth.

Almagest (Mainnet, + Solar Locations): The full realization of Proximum’s potential, integrating solar locations into the mainnet for an expansive reach.

Audacious Goals of Proximum

Use: Proximum introduces functional local currencies, drawing inspiration from successful models like Ithaca Hours, BerkShares, Berkeley Bucks, or Wörgle.

Scale: Maintaining economic feasibility for day-to-day transactions, even after widespread adoption, with a target transaction cost below $0.10.

Security: Proximum’s miners in space aim to shift the network’s control beyond terrestrial jurisdictions, bolstering security measures.

Welcoming Contributions: Join the Proximum Team

Proximum invites individuals who share the vision and passion for transforming the landscape of networks and currencies to join their team. Together, they aspire to achieve audacious goals and contribute to a future where decentralized and secure networks redefine the way we perceive and utilize money.

Proximum represents a bold step towards revolutionizing network protocols, harnessing the power of spacetime for enhanced computational capabilities, and challenging existing paradigms in the world of cryptocurrency and finance.

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