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Realy: Pioneering the Solana AI Track with Unmatched Resilience

Realy's Trailblazing Journey: Navigating the Metaverse with Meta Expertise and AI Prowess.

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Realy, a team rooted in Meta’s (Facebook) expertise, has emerged as an unyielding force in the Solana ecosystem. Despite setbacks like the collapses of 3AC and FTX, and the shutdown of Alameda, Realy remains a stalwart advocate for Solana’s ecosystem. Now, with a benchmark set against Sleepless, Realy, with Meta’s endorsement, leads the charge as the premier project on the Solana AI track.

Siya – Shaping the Future of AI Interaction

Realy’s flagship AI product, Siya, is making waves with its imminent release. Siya introduces a range of functional modules, including the ability to create and train AI images, engage in dynamic conversations with AI companions, and find suitable partners in the innovative Dynamic Square, supporting subscription and payment functionalities.

Major Upgrade on the Horizon

In January 2024, Siya is set to unveil a major update, focusing on three core modules:


Siyamate’s NFT image, AI soul mate

  1. NFTs for Virtual Relationships: Siya pioneers NFTs for virtual boyfriends and girlfriends.
  2. Complete Integration with Realy: Siya integrates seamlessly with Realy, introducing Chat to Earn and creating economic value for AI virtual companions.
  3. AI Training for Internet Celebrities: Siya empowers internet celebrities to train their own AI avatars, enabling interactions with multiple targets simultaneously.

Navigating Web2 and Web3 Hotspots

Siya’s core modules align with the current hotspots of both Web2 and Web3:

  1. Solana’s NFT Market Surge: Siya taps into the growing transaction volume of Solana’s NFT market, surpassing that of ETH’s NFT market.
  2. Chat to Earn Phenomenon: Siya capitalizes on the success of Chat to Earn, leveraging the externality of Web3 to propel AI companion projects beyond conventional boundaries.
  3. Innovative Web2 Case: Siya draws inspiration from a Web2 case where a female internet celebrity transformed into an AI, managing 1,000 boyfriends simultaneously and earning a staggering $400 million per year.

Technology Architecture: Merging AI and Web3

Siya AI Stack and Realy Web3 SDK

Siya’s white paper delves into the intricate details of combining AI technology and Web3. The meticulous incubation of Siya over two years showcases the fusion of LLM/Agent technology modules, gradually maturing and gaining popularity. Siya’s groundbreaking approach to AI+Web3 sets it apart in a market where such consumer applications are still scarce.

Creator Economy and Tokenomic: Empowering High-Quality Creators

Siya addresses the challenge of low barriers to asset creation in the Web3 space. By setting high standards for creators and offering corresponding ecological incentives, Realy attracts high-quality Web2 users. The Realy & Siya ecosystem fosters a symbiotic relationship between Web2 users, who pay for services, and Web3 users, who gain ecological benefits through investments and transaction fees. This closed-loop system channels final benefits back to creators through the externality of $REAL.

The SIYA Creator Ecnonmy

In 2022, Realy’s foray into the Solana metaverse marked a significant milestone. Today, Siya stands as a testament to Realy’s commitment to innovation, promising a personalized and sustainable experience in the realm of AI companionship on Solana.

Stay connected with Realy for the latest updates and exciting developments: Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram

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