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Illuvium’s ILV Token Surges Following Epic Games Store Listing

Epic Games Store Welcomes Illuvium, Fuels Surge in ILV Token Price.

by Isaac lane
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The highly anticipated NFT game, Illuvium, is set to make its debut on the Epic Games Store, triggering a surge in the price of its native token, ILV. The game’s listing on the popular gaming platform, boasting 230 million users as of 2022, had an immediate impact on ILV’s value, according to CoinGecko data.

Token Price Soars Ahead of Beta Launch

Before the announcement, ILV was valued at around $65 per token. However, the news of Illuvium‘s presence on the Epic Games Store propelled the token’s price to a peak of $80.49—an impressive 24% surge within hours. While the value has since stabilized at $75.50, it still represents a notable 17% increase in the last 24 hours and an impressive 94% rise over the past 30 days.

Built on Immutable X, a scaling network on Ethereum, Illuvium is a fantasy action game offering various gameplay styles, including an open-world adventure and a competitive auto-battler mode. Leveraging NFTs, such as virtual land plots, the game has previously achieved significant success, with a digital land NFT sale generating $72 million in June 2022.

Epic Games Store’s NFT-Friendly Environment

The Epic Games Store has proven to be a welcoming platform for games incorporating NFTs and crypto tokens. Titles like Gods Unchained, Raini: The Lords of Light, and Blankos Block Party have all found a home in the marketplace. In contrast, rival platform Steam has stringent regulations against blockchain games, though some developers have found ways to navigate these rules.

Illuvium’s upcoming Beta 3: Arena test, focusing on player-vs-player action, is scheduled for November 28. The game’s presence on the Epic Games Store positions it for broader exposure and potential success within the gaming community.

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