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GoDaddy, Ethereum Name Service, and the Web Registry Link Domain Names With Crypto Wallets

Users will be able to connect their ENS addresses to their internet domain names.

by V. Sinclair
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Through a partnership with GoDaddy, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a domain name system built on top of Ethereum, will enable users to link internet domains to their ENS addresses at no cost.
During the weak market, mainstream corporations’ adoption of Web3 decreased; however, the agreement between ENS and GoDaddy, the biggest internet domain registration, may indicate that interest in integrating blockchain technology with conventional platforms has resumed.

As an example, ENS creator Nick Johnson told CoinBrit, “Beyonce owns, and now she can set up a wallet just by going into the GoDaddy page and entering your address.” “ is now, for all intents and purposes, her wallet identifier.”

The ultimate objective is to incorporate additional chains in addition to Ethereum.
“At this time, you can use this integration to set your Ethereum address. However, in the future, you should be able to set text records for addresses for all chains, so you can create a Web3 profile with”

The news is made while ENS and GoDaddy are still battling in court over the sale of an ENS domain name, “
“I suppose you might argue with someone about something and still be excellent friends and willing to work together on other things. Furthermore, we agree on many points,” Johnson told CoinBrit. Johnson claims that the matter is still pending in court.
Johnson continued, “I think naming and Web3 work better when we build systems that work off and build on top of existing systems, rather than trying to pretend that legacy systems don’t exist and try to reinvent everything from scratch.”

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