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Empowering Data Synergy: and Bosch Unveil Game-Changing Integration on DeltaV.

by Alexander
0 comment has officially integrated with Bosch through DeltaV, introducing a groundbreaking multi-sensory toolkit on the platform. This collaboration is hailed as a significant milestone, combining Bosch’s precision engineering and sensor technology with’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

The Symbiosis of Hardware and Software

The collaboration represents a symbiotic relationship between hardware and software, aimed at empowering users with enhanced data capabilities. Bosch’s XDK110, equipped with eight different sensors, acts as a robust data collector, complemented by’s AI prowess for a versatile developer toolkit.

Seamless Data Integration with DeltaV

Bosch’s XDK captures data, transmitted through Raspberry Pi, accessible to registered agents in the Agentverse. DeltaV then streamlines the process, facilitating natural language searches for data consumption. This integration enables developers to seamlessly integrate software services or sensory data into the DeltaV platform.

DeltaV’s User-Friendly Experience

Users can choose to share or keep their data private, with DeltaV providing a user-friendly interface. Registration on DeltaV’s portal is simplified through Google Account or Fetch Wallet, offering easy engagement through the search bar. The platform’s natural language search function allows for optimized conditions in applications, such as smart buildings.

Navigating Bosch Sensor Data Through DeltaV

Accessing Bosch Sensor Data on DeltaV involves a straightforward four-step process, starting with portal registration and concluding with tailored data retrieval options. Users can modify preferences, choosing between Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature information.

A Strategic Partnership for Community Growth

The collaboration between and Bosch on DeltaV aligns with’s mission to expand and serve the community. This partnership follows’s recent collaboration with SingularityNET, reinforcing the commitment to advancing accurate and ethical AI. As the global trend towards device interconnectivity and service integration continues, this collaboration stands as a pivotal point for future developments.

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