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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Backs Worldcoin Amidst $50 Million Fundraising Drive

Worldcoin's Ambitious Global Identity Project Gains Traction Despite Regulatory Scrutiny.

by Isaac lane
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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is reaffirming his support for the cryptocurrency venture Worldcoin, responding to recent reports that Tools For Humanity, the firm behind Worldcoin, is actively seeking $50 million in funding.

Worldcoin aims to establish a worldwide identity and financial network. Over 2.6 million individuals have registered for iris scans through Worldcoin’s innovative “orb” devices, receiving a digital ID and complimentary cryptocurrency in return.

Altman’s Perspective on Human Identification in the Age of AI

During a virtual Q&A hosted by fintech-focused investment bank FT Partners, OpenAI CEO emphasized the increasing importance of identifying humans in a world dominated by artificial intelligence. He expressed the belief that as AI becomes integral to our lives, recognizing unique individuals becomes crucial.

Funding Strategy: Crypto Tokens at a Discounted Rate

The Block recently reported that Tools For Humanity is actively raising funds by offering discounted crypto tokens. While Altman did not directly address the fundraising efforts, he highlighted the necessity of unique human identification, especially as AI continues to play a pivotal role in our lives.

Worldcoin’s Funding History and Regulatory Scrutiny

Worldcoin previously secured $115 million in a Series C funding round led by Blockchain Capital, with participation from a16z crypto and Bain Capital Crypto. However, the project has faced regulatory scrutiny in the United Kingdom and Germany since its launch in July.

As Worldcoin continues to make strides in its ambitious mission, attention from investors and regulatory bodies remains a key aspect to monitor in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and identity technologies.

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