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Digital Couture Summit Connects Luxury Houses with Digital Couture at its 2nd Edition at Milan Fashion Week FW’24-25

After making history by becoming the 1st digital fashion event organised during Milan Fashion Week, Digital Couture Summit is coming back to Milan this February.

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Paris, France, Jan 22, 2024 – For the 2nd year in a row, Digital Couture Summit brings elegance and a technological touch to MFW FW’24-25. Digital Couture Summit is coming back to Milan on February 21st to the iconic location Lynk & Co in front of the notorious D&G Martini and near Armani/Casa to showcase the latest innovations in traditional luxury, fashion and beauty space.

Digital fashion advisor Nikki Cikaluk and sustainable fashion designer Olska Green invite the front-runners of fashion, luxury and beauty industries to showcase how traditional fashion has been transforming with immersive experience, web3 and sustainable solutions. The invite-only event, Digital Couture Summit will create an environment where fashion houses like Dior, D&G, and Hugo Boss meet with digital counterparties DRESSX, Seamm, Red DAO and tech leaders like Ledger and Amazon in a combination of educational, immersive and networking part during Milan’s most shining night of the year.

Nikki Cikaluk, Daria Shapovalova, David Cash and Leila Ismailova by Vasyl Kalynchuk

Global innovation leaders will meet on stage to discuss the importance of digitalisation in the luxury industry and the latest trends that the fashion and beauty industries should be aware of in 2024. Phygital clothing, AR fitting, metaverse experience, AI and sustainability are among the topics to hear from our speakers in a panel format. You can expect heated discussions when the tech giant Amazon, beauty house L’Oréal, digital fashion hub Seamm, and secure gateway to web3 Ledger all come on the stage. Meanwhile, luxury fashion houses Dior and D&G, as well as the pioneer of digital fashion and the founding member of Red DAO Megan Kaspar will share their until this moment not-heard secrets in the digital world in a fireside chat format led by Nikki Cikaluk.

Throughout the evening, guests will have a chance to experience the latest fashion and beauty innovations in the format of workshops, product showcases and technology presentations brought to them by Digital Couture Summit’s partners and sponsors. Some guests will learn how to design a fashion collection using VR in one of our dedicated workshops by Olska Green, Ecoolska founder, or check out the freshly created digital looks in an AR Fitting Room presented by Izzy Studio. Others will dive deeper into the process behind the design of the phygital product via a showcase presented by Seamm or explore the field of next-gen beauty in a workshop presented by Chipped x KIKI World. Ex-Chanel open innovation manager Carlota Rodben will present her newly-published “Beyond Luxury” book with a signing session for Digital Couture Summit guests. All guests will leave the evening with fashionable gifts from one of our partners, including fashionable NFTs of the latest Ecoolska collection on DRESSX and glamorous memories presented by POAP Studio.

VR Workshop by Olska Green by Vasyl Kalynchuk

The highlight of the glamorous fashion evening is a one-of-its-kind Phygital Runway Show presented by Ecoolska & Isadoska. “The Green Matrix” is a phygital fashion show that blends the physical world with digital innovation. Marking a key step forward in sustainable fashion, the show is presented by Jessica Evans, a visionary in bio-digital design and founder of Isadoska, and Olska Green, a founder of a next-gen sustainable phygital fashion brand Ecoolska. 

Set in a unique digital environment that combines a scientific lab with a traditional fashion studio, the show offers an alluring phygital experience cast and organised by the young stylist Alexandra Artemova. Visitors will witness the remarkable transformation of algae into sustainable fashion materials, emphasising its use in carbon capture, dye creation, and textile innovation. “The Green Matrix” blends a narrative that intertwines fashion, nature, and technology, giving centre stage to the organism, algae.

The evening will be continued in a relaxed networking atmosphere accompanied by a live DJ with projected animations presented by Sewer, favourite elegant cocktails and delicious food presented by Italian chefs from Zerobriciole. 

Key information

Date: February 21st, Wednesday

Location: Lynk & Co Studio, Milan City Center, next to D&G Martini and Armani/Casa

Organised by: Olska Green: the founder of Ecoolska, an entrepreneur with expertise in sustainable fashion, upcycling, and digital fashion and an innovative fashion designer specialising in AI, VR, and AR technologies.

Nikki Cikaluk: Digital Fashion and Web3 Conferences Advisor with expertise in luxury and tech fashion since 2017 working with brands like DRESSX, Forbes, and Rug Radio among others.

About Digital Couture Summit

Established in 2023, Digital Couture Summit is an immersive fashion event that connects luxury houses with digital couture. Organised by Nikki Cikaluk, a digital fashion and web3 conferences advisor, and Olska Green, a sustainable fashion designer and founder of Ecoolska, Digital Couture Summit made history as the 1st digital fashion summit organised during the Milan Fashion Week, uniting thought leaders from traditional and digital fashion, luxury and beauty. 

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