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Bitcoin ETFs Attract $700M Inflows as New Entrants Offset GBTC Outflows: CoinShares

CoinShares data reveals substantial inflows into new U.S. bitcoin ETFs, counterbalancing GBTC outflows.

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Recent data from CoinShares reveals a significant shift in investment trends within the cryptocurrency market, as new U.S. bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have swiftly amassed funds since their debut. These inflows have managed to counterbalance the outflows observed from existing funds, notably Grayscale’s flagship fund, GBTC.

GBTC Inflows Counter Outflows

Bitcoin-focused investment vehicles experienced a net inflow of over $700 million last week, with the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs mitigating the outflows from GBTC. Notably, BlackRock-managed IBTC and Fidelity‘s FBTC emerged as frontrunners among the newly issued spot bitcoin ETFs, attracting $884 million and $674 million in weekly inflows, respectively.

Flows by crypto fund providers (CoinShares)

The trend of outflows from existing Bitcoin funds, particularly GBTC, has shown signs of tapering in recent weeks. James Butterfill, head of research at CoinShares, highlighted a notable reduction in the momentum of these outflows, marking a shift in investor sentiment.

New ETF Accumulation

As of the end of last week, new bitcoin ETFs had collectively amassed $7.7 billion in funds, effectively offsetting the $6 billion outflows from incumbent funds. This influx of capital into the market indicates a growing interest in Bitcoin investment avenues beyond traditional offerings like GBTC.

Altcoin Fund Trends

In addition to bitcoin, altcoin-focused funds also witnessed notable movements. Solana (SOL) emerged as a top performer, attracting $13 million in inflows, and showcasing renewed investor interest following its remarkable price gains in the previous year. Conversely, investment vehicles holding Ethereum’s ether (ETH) and Avalanche‘s native token (AVAX) experienced outflows of $6.4 million and $1.3 million, respectively.

The influx of funds into new bitcoin ETFs signals a shift in investor preferences within the cryptocurrency market. While concerns surrounding outflows from existing funds persist, the emergence of innovative investment products indicates a maturing landscape with diverse opportunities for investors seeking exposure to digital assets.

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