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Circle and Celo Network Work Together to Increase USDC Issue

By adding USDC stablecoin to the Celo network, Circle improves the scalability and accessibility of Ethereum at the Layer 2 for mobile

by V. Sinclair
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The company that created well-known stablecoins like USDC and EURC, Circle, has declared that it will launch a USD-pegged stablecoin on the Celo network. Notably, Celo is now developing into an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution after starting out as an EVM-compatible Layer 1.

The Progressive Transition of Celo
Celo has undergone a revolutionary transition and is known for its strong scalability features. The community enthusiastically approved of the network’s July launch of this evolution, which was spearheaded by cLabs. As such, this move represents a significant turning point, bringing Celo closer to the Ethereum network.

The Strategic Use of Circle
An important milestone has been reached with the integration of USDC into the Celo network. Circle’s Senior Manager of Business Development, Shamus Noonan, was excited about the partnership. He emphasized the alignment between Celo’s dedication to providing quick, affordable payment alternatives and Circle’s goal of expanding USDC accessibility. Additionally, this collaboration takes advantage of Celo’s mobile-first strategy, especially in regions where blockchain technology is widely used.

An upcoming governance vote introduces another layer of anticipation. The proposal on the table suggests designating USDC as the official gas currency for the Celo network. This move, if ratified, will further cement the stablecoin’s utility and integration within the Celo ecosystem. Concurrently, Celo’s native token (CELO) has been in a positive rally in the last 24 hours, with bulls recording an intra-day high of $0.6897 as of press time.

Broadening Horizons

This collaboration between Circle and Celo is more than a mere token integration. It signifies a confluence of visions, aiming to harness the strengths of both entities. Circle, with its reputable stablecoin offerings, and Celo, with its scalable, mobile-first infrastructure, are set to redefine accessibility and efficiency in the blockchain space.

Furthermore, networks are seeking interoperability and strategic alliances more and more, which is reflected in this project and a larger trend. These kinds of partnerships are essential for the parties concerned as well as the larger blockchain and cryptocurrency space. They open doors for improved utility, increased inclusivity, and more smooth user experiences around the globe.

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