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Bitdeer Technologies and Nvidia Collaborate to Launch AI Cloud Solutions in Asia

Singapore-Based Cryptocurrency Miner Expands into Artificial Intelligence

by Isaac lane
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Singapore-based cryptocurrency mining firm Bitdeer Technologies Group is making significant strides into the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in Asia, with a focus on offering AI computing power to businesses in Singapore. The Nasdaq-listed company, known for its expertise in blockchain and high-performance computing, has announced plans to roll out its platform, Bitdeer AI Cloud, in the first quarter of 2024.

Phase-wise Launch with Nvidia Technology

Bitdeer’s AI Cloud platform is set to become one of the first cloud services in the region powered by Nvidia‘s hardware and software systems designed for enterprises. The launch will take place in phases, beginning with the construction of the first AI cloud data center in Singapore, slated to commence operations in November. Bitdeer CEO Matt Kong Linghui emphasized the platform’s potential to address the challenges faced by the region in accessing advanced AI capabilities due to expensive and scarce infrastructure.

Initially targeting Singapore businesses, Bitdeer intends to extend its AI services to Indonesia and Malaysia in subsequent phases. The platform aims to cater to large enterprises, start-ups, government entities, and universities involved in cutting-edge research. Mr. Kong believes that as technology evolves, AI will play a transformative role in various industries.

Partnership with Nvidia for Preferred Cloud Services

Bitdeer’s collaboration with Nvidia positions the mining firm as a preferred cloud service provider in the Nvidia partner network. Nvidia’s graphics processing units, dominating the AI market, provide Bitdeer with a robust technological foundation for its AI endeavors.

Dennis Ang, Nvidia’s Senior Director for Enterprise Business for Asean, Australia, and New Zealand, highlighted the key barriers to AI adoption as high costs and a shortage of skill sets. He emphasized the role of partners like Nvidia in shortening the learning curve for organizations seeking to integrate AI into their operations.

Long-term Presence and Background

Bitdeer, originally a spin-off from cryptocurrency mining-chip giant Bitmain, traces its roots to 2013. The company’s partnership with Nvidia underscores its commitment to establishing a presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia, providing a strong foundation for future expansions.

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