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METAVERTU2: Reaching New Heights With AI Phones

Its dedication to advanced technology and heightened security is demonstrated by the fact that it is reinforced with a suite of increased security features and has a decentralized operation system (DOS).

by V. Sinclair
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At the Token2049 Singapore event, Vertu, a renowned producer of high-end smartphones, recently announced the METAVERTU 2. As with the first-generation METAVERTU, this innovative smartphone was designed to satisfy the needs of those who are interested in Web3 and blockchain technology.

Its dedication to advanced technology and heightened security is demonstrated by the fact that it is reinforced with a suite of increased security features and has a decentralized operation system (DOS).

METAVERTU2: Essential Elements
Even though artificial intelligence is one of the most fascinating and talked-about technology in the news these days, there are significant privacy concerns. VERTU deals with this particular issue.

The combination of Web3 and blockchain technology, carefully designed to provide a strong base, is the central component of METAVERTU2. A dual AI model system in this technological marvel steals the show. This is composed of a large-scale AI model and its smaller equivalent. This ingenious pairing guarantees a smooth and harmonious coexistence of privacy protection with user experience.

Beyond Effectiveness: Your Virtual Friend in Life
METAVERTU2’s AI assistant gives it far more functionality than just standard task management. Within its virtual walls, it acts as a flexible problem solver and a virtual confidant, offering support in a range of situations.

This AI assistant is made to make your life easier, whether it be by organizing your trips, providing relationship advice, or reminding you of impending birthdays. It can even generate a virtual buddy, which is a revolutionary breakthrough that blurs the lines between actual and virtual conversation.

The strong security and defense of METAVERTU2
In order to implement the maximum level of security, METAVERTU2 presents the idea of METASPACE. Different systems can be accessed with different fingerprints thanks to this creative improvement. With this customized approach to security, individuals can design unique, safe environments that meet their unique privacy needs.

An additional layer of security is added to METAVERTU by using a TEE+SE national-grade chip. This update improves security in a number of areas, such as money management, call encryption, and data backup. The use of KeyBOX and VBOX technologies provides complete privacy protection and a strong barrier against possible hacking attacks.

METAVERTU2’s Technological and Elegance Fusion
METAVERTU2 is the perfect example of how modern technology can be seamlessly combined with the pinnacle of British luxury design. It is adorned with unique materials and promises superior performance thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 CPU. The METAVERTU2 promises a consistent and enjoyable user experience with features such a large battery and quick charging capabilities.

The public can access METAVERTU2 as of November 1st. It provides a variety of models, some of which being carbon fiber models and opulent leather crocodile. These gadgets can be purchased at international retail stores and online at sites like, TikTok, Tmall, and others.

VERTU’s About
Vertu, which is frequently spelled VERTU, is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-end cell phones. The company’s history begins when it was founded in 1998, when it was owned by Nokia, a Finnish mobile phone maker.

Last Remarks
The METAVERTU2 from VERTU is the pinnacle of AI phone development, setting new standards for luxury, customisation, and privacy. Beyond the limitations of a simple smartphone, it develops into a tailored AI friend, bringing innovation and sophistication to the mobile sector.

As the METAVERTU series continues to develop, it portends a time when every individual will be able to acquire a personal, adaptable AI assistant in the form of an AI phone.

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