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Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Navigating Historic Trends and Future Prospects

Ark Invest's report, "Bitcoin – Breakout or Breakdown?"

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Bitcoin’s recent price consolidation between $29,000 and $30,000 has prompted traders to consider strategic timing for their moves. With historical data pointing to subdued performance in August and September and current volatility at a six-year low, waiting may be a prudent approach.

Ark Invest’s report, “Bitcoin – Breakout or Breakdown?” highlights Bitcoin’s recent volatility plunge, suggesting the potential for substantial price movement ahead. This comes as no surprise to crypto observers. However, the historical implications of August and September, coupled with monetary policy effects, warrant attention.

Impacts of Monetary Policy and Fed Tightening

The report underscores the influence of Federal Reserve tightening on potential price deflation. The delayed reaction of the real economy and inflation to Fed actions may impact Bitcoin’s trajectory. The upcoming collision of this monetary lag with Bitcoin’s 2024-2025 halving rally could potentially lead to a more subdued bull run.

While some experts like Morpher CEO Martin Froehler anticipate a resurgence in 2023’s Bitcoin rally due to waning macroeconomic headwinds and the approaching halving event, others, such as Kyle DaCruz of VanEck, emphasize the combination of Bitcoin’s scarcity and expansive money supply growth as a catalyst for a continued rally.

Navigating Historical Trends and Anticipating Catalysts

Historical BTC price data from 2011 to 2022 indicates that August and September have often been lackluster months. August recorded positive performance only five times out of 12, while September fared even worse, with just four positive months. Notably, most negative Septembers saw modest declines, contrasting with Bitcoin’s inherent volatility.


Bitcoin observer Will Clemente’s insight about negatively performing years aligning with the two-year post-halving mark suggests that the worst of the bear market could be behind. This optimistic outlook anticipates significant gains in 2024 and 2025. However, Ark Invest’s predictions of potential deflation and recession underscore the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin’s next bull cycle.

In the quest for optimal trading strategies, historical patterns, macroeconomic factors, and expert insights collectively shape the landscape for Bitcoin investors. As the cryptocurrency community looks ahead, balancing caution and opportunity remains key.


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