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Bitcoin Shows Resilience with Modest Weekly Gain

Bitcoin shows resilience, the broader cryptocurrency market exhibits weakness.

by Isaac lane
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Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to bounce back from a three-month low below $25,000, experiencing a 2% increase in its price over the past week, with its current value resting at $26,300. This rebound comes after Bitcoin faced a challenging start to the week when it briefly dropped below the $25,000 mark.

FTX’s Controlled Asset Sales

Concerns arose earlier in the week as cryptocurrency exchange FTX was granted court permission to initiate the sale of its digital assets, which included more than $500 million in Bitcoin. However, these sales are expected to be conducted in a gradual and measured manner, minimizing the potential for sudden market disruptions.

The cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin, has witnessed a recurring trend over the past four months—rapid reversals of even modest price gains. While full-scale asset dumping remains unlikely, there are persistent sellers ready to capitalize on market rallies.


Beyond FTX, factors contributing to selling pressures include impaired trading firms, lenders, exchanges, and Bitcoin miners who must sell a portion of their holdings each month to cover operational costs.

Positive Developments Amidst Selling Pressure

Despite this selling pressure, recent positive news has emerged in the crypto space. Asset management giant Franklin Templeton’s entry into the race to launch a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and Deutsche Bank’s deeper involvement in digital asset custody and tokenization have provided support for Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin’s Crucial Support Level: $25,000

The $25,000 price level has gained significance in light of recent developments. Bitcoin’s ability to reclaim this level and consolidate around it is viewed as a positive sign in the short term.

While Bitcoin shows resilience, the broader cryptocurrency market exhibits weakness. Altcoins, in particular, faced larger losses during the week and displayed weaker rebounds compared to Bitcoin.

Challenges for the Broader Crypto Market

The CoinDesk Market Index (CMI), tracking various digital assets, recorded a modest 0.8% gain over the past week, highlighting challenges faced by altcoins. This trend may continue as the market grapples with various factors affecting different segments of the crypto space.

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