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Arbitrum & OpenOcean Unite: Dive into the 360K ARB Airdrop Bonanza – Earn Rewards Now!

Join Arbitrum Awakening: Earn Rewards in OpenOcean's 360K ARB Airdrop Bonanza – Dive into Crypto Trading Today!

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In current development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the Arbitrum marketing campaign has been launched. It promises widespread rewards for participants. Hosted by way of OpenOcean, a prominent Aggregator of DEX and Web3 middleware developer. The marketing campaign ambitions to revolutionize web3 trading reports whilst imparting beneficial incentives.

Campaign Details

Running from February 1st to March 28th, with activities setting out at 10 am UTC each week, the Arbitrum Awakening Bonanza boasts a marvelous general reward pool of 360,000 ARB tokens spread over 8 weeks, amounting to 45,000 ARB tokens per week. To be eligible for the weekly lottery pool, participants should complete at least one unique weekly assignment, earning tickets for draws.

Prizes and Tasks

Participants can win a variety of prizes, including 100, 50, 10, 5, or 1 ARB tokens. Each week presents obligations, which include trading extent objectives, putting and filling restriction orders, or conducting specific token swaps. Notably, NFT holders from past campaigns acquire additional price ticket allocations.

Current Round

In the ongoing first round, spanning from February 1st to February 8th, contributors can earn tickets with the aid of finishing duties like swapping at least $20 or $100K in buying and selling quantity, setting and filling over $200 in limit orders or undertaking the mission of “Arbitrum Ocean Adventure” quest by way of swapping distinctive tokens. Sharing finished duties on social media additionally presents bonus tickets.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure fairness, every wallet can simplest earn rewards once in step with a precise quest within a round. Claiming ARB rewards will start from February 5th to March 29th, permitting users to stay at their comfort earlier than the cut-off date. OpenOcean keeps the right to disqualify trades displaying signs of self-dealing or marketplace manipulation and to adjust or cancel activities at its discretion.

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean stands as a pioneer within the cryptocurrency space, supplying a comprehensive suite of equipment throughout several networks and liquidity assets. OpenOcean strives to offer users with most appropriate switch returns for decentralized crypto buying and selling as a leading DEX Aggregator and go-chain switch aggregator.

The Arbitrum Awakening marketing campaign offers an exceptional opportunity for crypto buyers to interact with the burgeoning web3 panorama at the same time as reaping substantial rewards. With its progressive technique and generous incentives, OpenOcean keeps solidifying its function as a trailblazer inside the cryptocurrency realm.

For further information, go to OpenOcean’s official channels: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | CoinMarketCap

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