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Key Takeaways from BGA Connects London: Innovation, Collaboration and the Future of Web3 Gaming !

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The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) hosted its first signature event of the year on January 23rd 2024, in Hijingo Bingo, London, gathering industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts for a day of insightful discussions, innovative game demos and exciting networking opportunities.

A Deep Dive into Web3 Gaming’s Future

The afternoon kicked off with a series of engaging panel discussions tackling crucial topics in the Web3 gaming space. From onboarding challenges and mass adoption strategies to capturing the attention of game developers and analyzing key elements for success in 2024, the discussions offered valuable insights and sparked thoughtful conversations.


Pitching Passion, Fueling Innovation

The BGA Connects Pitch Contest, powered by FunFair Ventures, provided a platform for up-and-coming Web3 gaming projects to showcase their ideas and compete for a prize from Nomiks. The energy was palpable as innovative concepts and passionate pitches took center stage, highlighting the burgeoning potential of the Web3 gaming landscape.

Fireside Chat: A Look Ahead with Industry Titans

A fireside chat featuring BGA President and Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung offered a captivating glimpse into the BGA 2023 State of the Industry Report. By delving into key trends and challenges, the discussion shed light on the current landscape and sparked optimism for the future of Web3 gaming.


Building Connections, Fueling Collaboration

The event culminated in a lively networking session, providing a valuable space for individuals and companies to connect, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships. Whether it was over drinks and nibbles during the general networking session or during the exclusive bingo games night for BGA members, the atmosphere buzzed with collaboration and camaraderie.

BGA Connects London

A Success Story Worth Repeating

BGA Connects London proved to be a resounding success, bringing together the vibrant Web3 gaming community in a space brimming with learning, innovation, and connection. The event’s agenda perfectly balanced informative talks with interactive sessions and casual networking opportunities, ensuring a valuable and engaging experience for all attendees. As the Web3 gaming industry continues its trajectory toward mainstream adoption, BGA Connects London has undoubtedly established itself as a must-attend event for anyone passionate about the future of gaming.

Further Reflections

Beyond the official schedule, the event provided an invaluable opportunity to witness the passion and dedication driving the Web3 gaming community. From the insightful questions posed during panel discussions to the enthusiastic exchanges during networking sessions, it’s clear that Web3 gaming is not just a technological shift, but a movement fueled by a collaborative spirit and a shared vision for the future of interactive entertainment.

BGA Connects London has set the stage for a thriving year in the Web3 gaming space, and one can only anticipate the exciting developments and groundbreaking innovations that will emerge from this dynamic community. As the industry continues to evolve, BGA Connects London’s legacy of fostering collaboration, sparking innovation, and building a more inclusive and connected gaming space promises to leave a lasting impact.

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