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Adani’s Blockchain Venture with Sirius International Holding Takes Flight in India

Adani's Bold Step into the Future: Unleashing AI, IoT, and Blockchain Innovations in India.

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Adani Enterprises partners with Sirius International Holding, creating a new joint venture, Sirius Digitech International Limited, with a focus on AI, IoT, and blockchain technology.

Adani Enterprises has teamed up with Sirius International Holding to establish Sirius Digitech International Limited, a joint venture predominantly exploring the realms of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and secured blockchain products. The venture, based in Abu Dhabi, is poised to address the burgeoning digitalization opportunities in the Indian economy, projected to reach a $1 trillion market by 2030.

Strategic Focus and Ownership

The joint venture, with Sirius holding 51% ownership and Adani 49%, aims to leverage advanced technologies to optimize industries, streamline processes, and foster growth. The strategic collaboration seeks to tap into the immense potential of AI and blockchain across diverse sectors, including FinTech, HealthTech, GreenTech, and infrastructure industries.

Driving Digital Transformation

Combining Sirius’s global digital transformation expertise with Adani’s strategic insights, the partnership aims to empower businesses by deploying cutting-edge AI and blockchain solutions for industrial applications. The joint venture plans to utilize Adani Group’s industrial testbed to validate and scale these innovative solutions.

Adani’s Smart Meter Business Expansion

In a parallel move, Adani Energy Solutions has forged a joint venture with an IHC-backed company to expand its smart meter business globally. Adani Transmission Step-Four Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Energy, acquires a 49% stake in Esyasoft Holdings Ltd.’s smart metering solutions arm. The newly named entity, Adani Esyasoft Smart Solutions Limited, will bid for and execute orders in India and internationally, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, EV charging, analytics, and AI tools.

As Adani takes bold steps into the realms of blockchain, AI, and IoT, the joint ventures position the conglomerate at the forefront of India’s digital transformation journey.

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