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12 Leading RWA Tokenization Projects of 2024

The landscape of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization is vibrant and expanding, demonstrating the capability of blockchain technology to transform various industries by making assets more accessible, tradable and efficient.

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Here’s a deeper look into some of the promising projects and the overarching trends in RWA tokenization for the year.

Revolutionizing Traditional and Novel Sectors

Several projects are breaking new ground in both traditional and emerging sectors:


Focus Area: Asset management through blockchain.

Latest Updates:

  • Ondo has been instrumental in facilitating tokenized short-term US Treasury bills and yield-bearing stablecoins like USDY.

    • ONDO has integrated its USDY product across multiple blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Aptos, and Injective, thereby enhancing its accessibility and interoperability within the DeFi ecosystem​.

2. Polymesh

Focus Area: Regulatory compliance in asset tokenization.

Latest Updates:

  • Polymesh continues to make strides in ensuring compliance with international regulatory standards, making it a reliable platform for enterprises.
  • Price and Market Data: Polymesh ( $POLYX ) is currently priced at €0.36 and has experienced a 7.089% increase over the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency holds the rank of 183 in market cap, which stands at approximately €375.8 million. The trading volume over the last 24 hours was around €20 million. Polymesh has a circulating and total supply of 1.1 billion tokens.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Polymesh continues to play a crucial role in ensuring that tokenized assets meet stringent regulatory requirements. This focus makes it an appealing platform for enterprises that need to adhere to various international regulations while leveraging blockchain technology for asset tokenization.

3. Mantra

Focus Area: Enhancing liquidity of tokenized assets.

Latest Updates:

  • Mantra focuses on creating a fluid market for various tokenized assets, allowing easier access and trade for investors.
    • Price and Market Data: The live price of MANTRA (OM) is currently $0.721176 USD per OM token. MANTRA has seen a modest increase of +0.18% in the last 24 hours. It boasts a current market capitalization of $572.61 million USD. The 24-hour trading volume for MANTRA is $11.25 million USD, reflecting active trading within the market.
    • Supply Details: MANTRA has a circulating supply of approximately 793.99 million OM tokens.

4. Centrifuge

Focus Area: Bridging decentralized finance ( DeFi )  with real world assets.

Latest Updates:

  • Centrifuge has successfully integrated real-world assets like invoices and real estate into the DeFi ecosystem, enabling them to be used as collateral for loans.
  • Price and Market Data: The live price of Centrifuge (CFG) is currently $0.709321 USD. The CFG token has seen an increase of 4.53% in the last 24 hours. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,943,878 USD, indicating active trading and engagement in the market.
  • Market Ranking and Cap: Centrifuge currently holds the #179 position on CoinMarketCap, with a live market cap of $350,349,684 USD.
  • Role in DeFi and Real World Asset Integration: Centrifuge plays a pivotal role in integrating real world assets with the DeFi ecosystem. By allowing these assets to be used as collateral for loans, Centrifuge helps in enhancing the liquidity and utility of real world assets within blockchain networks.

5. Polytrade

Focus Area: Bringing real world receivables onto the blockchain.

Latest Updates:

  • Polytrade is enhancing the trade finance sector by enabling companies to raise financing against their invoices through crypto liquidity.

Latest Updates and Price Data:

  • Price and Market Data: The live price of Polytrade (TRADE) today is $1.31 USD. It has seen a substantial increase of 21.27% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour trading volume for TRADE is $1,629,266 USD.

  • Market Ranking and Cap: Polytrade is currently ranked #613 on CoinMarketCap, with a live market cap of $47,859,917 USD.

Role in Trade Finance: Polytrade aims to revolutionize trade finance by using blockchain technology to tokenize real-world receivables, thus providing businesses with quicker access to needed capital and offering investors new opportunities in the trade finance sector.

6. Landshare

Focus Area: Tokenizing real estate to simplify investments.

Latest Updates:

  • Landshare continues to simplify real estate investments by tokenizing properties, which lowers entry barriers for smaller investors.
  • Price and Market Data: The live price of Landshare (LAND) is $2.862879 USD. It has increased by 1.92% over the last 24 hours. The trading volume in the same period has been $253,071.44 USD.
  • Market Ranking and Cap: Landshare has a current market cap of $11.13 million USD and a circulating supply of 3.89 million LAND tokens.

Role in Real Estate: Landshare makes investing in real estate accessible by tokenizing properties. This method lowers entry barriers for investors and simplifies the investment process, making it possible to buy shares in real estate properties through digital tokens.

7. Boson Protocol

Focus Area: Decentralized commerce and physical asset tokenization.

Latest Updates:

  • Boson Protocol has been developing ways to redeem digital tokens for physical items, reducing the need for intermediaries in e-commerce.

  • Price and Market Data: The live price of Boson Protocol (BOSON) is $0.56319 USD per token. It has experienced a decrease of -2.55% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour trading volume is $1.05 million USD.
  • Market Ranking and Cap: Boson Protocol holds a market cap of $71.72 million USD, with a circulating supply of 127.34 million BOSON tokens.

Role in Decentralized Commerce: Boson Protocol facilitates the decentralized exchange of physical goods by tokenizing them, thus enabling direct commerce between consumers and providers without intermediaries. This technology aims to automate the redemption of digital tokens for physical goods and services, reducing the need for traditional e-commerce and fulfillment logistics.

8. TokenFi

  • Focus Area: Simplifying the creation and management of digital tokens for real-world assets.

  • Latest Updates:

  • TokenFi offers tools that allow non-technical users to launch and manage tokenized assets effortlessly, contributing to the democratization of asset tokenization.

  • Price and Market Data: The live price of TokenFi (TOKEN) today is $0.099448 USD, experiencing a rise of 16.13% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour trading volume for TOKEN is $12,859,261 USD.
  • Market Ranking and Cap: TokenFi is currently ranked #440 on CoinMarketCap, with a live market cap of $99,449,858 USD.

Role in Asset Tokenization: TokenFi aims to democratize the tokenization process, making it accessible and affordable, thereby positioning itself to capture significant growth in the DeFi space.

9. Ethena

  • Focus Area: Non-custodial stablecoin innovations.

  • Latest Updates:

  • Ethena focuses on stablecoin backed by Ether-equivalent assets, employing delta hedging strategies to mitigate volatility. This approach ensures that the stablecoin’s value remains consistent despite market fluctuations​ (coin bureau)​.

  • It uses a delta-neutral strategy to counterbalance any devaluation, ensuring stability in its pricing, which is critical during bear markets.

  • Price and Market Data: The live price of Ethena (ENA) is $0.69104 USD per token, with a 24-hour trading volume of $375.76 million USD. Ethena has seen a decrease of 12.16% in the last 24 hours.
  • Market Ranking and Cap: Ethena has a current market cap of $1.05 billion USD and a circulating supply of 1.52 billion ENA tokens.

Role in Stablecoin Market: Ethena uses advanced financial techniques like delta hedging to maintain stability and mitigate risks associated with price volatility.

10. Matrixdock

  • Focus Area: Supply chain and logistics.

  • Latest Updates:

  • Matrixdock leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in the logistics sector. By tokenizing supply chain elements, it ensures that data regarding goods is immutable and traceable from origin to delivery.

  • Financial Data: STBT tokens currently have a total supply of approximately $46.68 million, offering an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 4.90%. This indicates a stable investment option within the tokenized asset market.

11. Swarm

Focus Area: Infrastructure project tokenization.

Latest Updates:

  • Swarm aims at providing a platform for tokenizing public and private infrastructure projects, making it easier for investors to engage with and fund these ventures. This opens up a typically complex and large-scale investment area to a broader audience.

  • Price and Market Data: Swarm is currently up 0.77% in the last 24 hours. It has a live market cap of $18,898,713 USD.
  • Market Ranking and Supply: The current CoinMarketCap ranking for Swarm is #883, with a circulating supply of 52,600,661 BZZ coins. The maximum supply of BZZ coins has not been disclosed.

Role in Decentralized Services: Swarm aims to provide decentralized storage solutions that enhance data security and accessibility, contributing to the broader blockchain ecosystem’s infrastructure.

12. OpenEden

Focus Area: Environmental asset tokenization.

Latest Updates:

  • OpenEden is focused on the tokenization of environmental assets, such as carbon credits. This facilitates more transparent and accessible trading of these credits, promoting investments in sustainability and environmental protection.

  • Recent Price Performance: OpenEden TBILL (TBILL) has experienced a price increase of 0.10% over the last 7 days. This modest rise is noteworthy, especially considering that the global cryptocurrency market has remained stable with no percentage increase during the same period.
  • Market Comparison: While TBILL has shown positive performance compared to the broader cryptocurrency market, it is underperforming when compared to similar cryptocurrencies within the Ethereum Ecosystem, which have seen an average increase of 12.70%.

Role and Impact:

  • TBILL is part of OpenEden’s efforts to bring traditional financial instruments, like treasury bills, onto the blockchain. By tokenizing these assets, OpenEden aims to provide more liquidity and accessibility, making it easier for investors to engage with and benefit from what are traditionally considered safe, low-yield investments.

Technological and Regulatory Innovation

The technological backbone of these projects often relies on established blockchains like Ethereum due to its mature infrastructure and robust security features. This facilitates the seamless operation of RWAs within the DeFi ecosystem, enabling them to function as collateral or part of complex financial instruments​ (coin bureau)​.

On the regulatory front, the tokenization space is witnessing increasing collaboration between blockchain companies, traditional financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. This is crucial for addressing challenges such as compliance, security, and trust, which are vital for mainstream adoption and scalability of blockchain technology​ (Kitco)​.

Trends and Future Outlook

The tokenization of RWAs is poised to dramatically increase the liquidity and efficiency of assets ranging from real estate to intellectual property, and even fine art. Experts predict the sector could witness trillions of dollars in global investment moving on-chain, which would democratize access to investment opportunities and enhance the global economic landscape​ (Kitco)​.

Furthermore, with advancements in blockchain technology, such as improved scalability and interoperability, and supportive regulatory frameworks like the UK’s Electronic Trade Documents Act, the environment is becoming increasingly conducive for RWA tokenization. This synergy of technology and regulation is expected to drive considerable growth in the sector​ (Outlier Ventures)​.

The Big Picture

As we delve into 2024 and beyond, the narrative around blockchain is shifting from speculative investments to real-world applications that offer tangible value. The ongoing integration of traditional assets onto blockchain platforms not only enhances their utility but also makes them integral components of the emerging digital economy​ (Kitco)​.


RWA tokenization projects of 2024 represent a crucial step towards a more interconnected and blockchain-integrated financial system. The ongoing developments in this area are not just transforming specific sectors but are also paving the way for a broader adoption of blockchain technology across various aspects of the global economy. This transition holds the promise of making financial systems more inclusive, efficient, and transparent, heralding a new era in digital finance.

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