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Coinbase to list RWA platform – Ondo Finance

Coinbase has declared the inclusion of the Real World Asset (RWA) platform, Ondo Finance (ONDO), to its listing roadmap.

by V. Sinclair
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This announcement comes hot on the heels of the Ondo Foundation’s revelation of plans to unlock ONDO tokens on January 18, adding an element of anticipation to the cryptocurrency landscape.

The addition of Ondo Finance to Coinbase’s esteemed listing roadmap signifies a significant development for both platforms. Ondo Finance, as an RWA platform, operates at the intersection of traditional finance and the blockchain, providing a bridge between real-world assets and the decentralized digital economy.

Unlocking ONDO Tokens on Jan 18

Coinbase Welcomes ONDO Finance, Unleashing Tokens in Groundbreaking Move!

Investors and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the unlocking of ONDO tokens, scheduled for January 18. This move by the Ondo Foundation is expected to inject new dynamics into the crypto market, as more than 85% of the total ONDO token supply, amounting to a substantial 10 billion tokens, has been initially locked.

The decision to lock a significant portion of ONDO tokens underscores the strategic vision of Ondo Finance, aiming for stability and controlled token release. This deliberate approach aligns with Coinbase’s commitment to fostering secure and transparent trading environments within its platform.

As the crypto community awaits the unlocking event, the collaboration between Coinbase and Ondo Finance holds the promise of broadening the accessibility of RWA platforms to a wider audience. The move reflects the growing trend of mainstream recognition for blockchain-based projects that bridge the gap between traditional finance and the innovative realm of decentralized finance (DeFi).

With the unlocking of ONDO tokens just around the corner, market participants are closely monitoring the impact on both Ondo Finance’s standing in the industry and the broader cryptocurrency landscape. This development is expected to contribute to the ongoing narrative of blockchain integration into traditional finance systems, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the digital economy.

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