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X’s Ad Revenue Sharing: Potential for Crypto Payments in the Future?

Kraken's Proposal and Community Response on X's Crypto Payment Possibilities. After the recent announcement of X's ad revenue sharing initiative, discussions have emerged regarding the potential for accepting crypto payments on the platform. Kraken, a prominent crypto exchange, proposed the idea of integrating Bitcoin payments, and the X community responded positively, expressing interest in the possibility.

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Kraken’s Proposal and Community Response:

Kraken suggested the idea of enabling Bitcoin payments on the X platform, which garnered a favorable response from the X community. Many users welcomed the suggestion, with VJ Crypto Guerreier expressing excitement and hoping for X CEO Elon Musk to consider Dogecoin as well. However, ixela.lens suggested that for the time being, it might be more realistic to start with “Web Money” payments.

X’s Ad Revenue Sharing Program:

X recently introduced its ad revenue-sharing program, enabling eligible creators worldwide to receive a portion of the revenue generated from ads displayed in response to their content. To be eligible for payouts, creators must have a minimum of 15 million impressions in the last three months, at least 500 followers, and the Blue Verification subscription. Financial technology company Stripe has been selected as X’s payment processor for these payouts.

Stripe’s On-Ramp Service and Crypto Payment Support:

Stripe, the payment processor chosen by X, has already launched a native fiat-to-crypto on-ramp service aimed at improving the crypto purchasing process for customers in the United States. While there are no indications or plans from X developers regarding cryptocurrency-based payments, Stripe’s on-ramp service could prove beneficial if X chooses to introduce crypto payments in the future.

Previous Support for Crypto Payments:

Stripe introduced crypto payouts for Twitter creators in April 2022, marking the availability of crypto payment support. Speculations have arisen about X potentially supporting DOGE and BTC among the initial coins for crypto payments on the platform.

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