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XRP surges, BTC and Pepe Coin decline in value.

Investors are turning to safer assets as market uncertainties persist.

by V. Sinclair
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Market Downturn and Investor Shift
The cryptocurrency market has continued its downturn performance, with a slump in the broader market. Major cryptocurrencies have also remained in negative territory, indicating a shift in investor focus towards other assets amidst uncertainties. The crypto market fear and greed index currently stands at 44, suggesting a “neutral” sentiment.

Bitcoin’s Performance
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, experienced a 0.61% price decline to $27,413.20. Its trading volume decreased by 38.38% to $11.58 billion in the last 24 hours, while its market cap remained unchanged at $534.48 billion.

Ethereum’s Performance
Ethereum’s price declined by 1.54% to $1,640.51, with a 33.65% decrease in trading volume to $5.28 billion. The crypto’s market cap also tumbled by 1.51% to $197.23 billion.

Other Altcoins’ Performance
BNB (Binance Coin) witnessed a 1.90% price drop to $211.29, accompanied by a 21% decrease in volume to $333.59 million. Cardano experienced a slump of 2.70% to $0.2557, with its market cap falling by 3.20% to $8.97 billion.

Overall Market Decline
The declines in major cryptocurrencies dragged the overall market into negative territory. The global crypto market cap plunged by 0.89% to $1.08 trillion, while the 24-hour trading volume decreased by 14.95% to $36.82 billion.

Pepe Coin’s Decline
On October 4, Pepe Coin, a well-known meme coin, witnessed a 3.12% price decline to $0.0000007159. This decline indicates a growing preference for safer assets. The 24-hour trading volume also decreased significantly by 40.19% to $55.37 million.

XRP’s Rise
XRP’s price experienced a 3.60% gain, trading at $0.5317 over the past 24 hours. Its volume rose by 77.29% to $1.61 billion. This surge is attributed to increased activity from XRP bulls following the US court’s rejection of the SEC’s appeal in the XRP lawsuit.

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) witnessed a 3.25% price increase to $3.84. It emerged as one of the top gainers, with a 4.82% rise in volume to $630.382 from the previous day.

Bitcoin SV’s Slip
Bitcoin SV (BSV) experienced an 7.84% price decline, trading at $36.87, while its market cap decreased by 7.80% to $710.25 million. The crypto’s volume also dropped by 35.58% to $140.23 million in the last 24 hours.

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