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When XRP Whale Dumps 29 Mln Tokens, Will the Price Drop to $0.5?

XRP whale transferred 29 Mln XRP recently, sparking speculations amid legal battles and heightened market volatility.

by V. Sinclair
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Unexpectedly, a large transfer of XRP tokens—about 29 million, or roughly $15 million—from an unidentified wallet to Bitstamp has alarmed the cryptocurrency community. Meanwhile, rumors over the future of XRP’s worth have been sparked by this significant transaction, recent price swings, and the continuing legal dispute between Ripple Labs and the SEC.

Market analysts predict that the digital asset, which is presently trading at $0.51, may fall below $0.5, which would increase the general discomfort among XRP aficionados.

XRP Whale Transfers 29 Million Tokens
28.75 million XRP tokens have been moved to Bitstamp by an unidentified wallet (r4wf7.h4Rzn), according to the blockchain transaction tracking website Whale Alert. The transaction, which was estimated to be worth $14.76 million, has sparked conjecture among XRP supporters and aficionados for the cryptocurrency market.

Meanwhile, the ongoing legal dispute between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been blamed for the recent decline in the value of XRP. Market observers warn that traders might be waiting for more legal certainty before reentering the XRP market, despite a brief surge following Judge Analisa Torres’ favorable ruling. Notably, this unpredictability has encouraged investors to investigate alternative assets like Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, which has helped XRP’s current challenges

Significant selloffs and noteworthy whale moves on January 30 further added to the XRP community’s anxiety and signaled more market instability. As previously reported by CoinBrit Media, the recent transfer of 46 million XRP tokens by Ripple has increased confusion about the future direction of XRP and stoked fears of an imminent selloff.

Pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan expressed alarm over XRP’s sharp decrease by sharing performance snapshots against BTC, ETH, and USD over various time periods. In spite of the legal certainty that followed the July 13, 2023 ruling, XRP’s inability to maintain favorable price action raises concerns about the digital asset’s long-term worth in comparison to other popular cryptocurrencies.

Notably, considering XRP’s steady fall compared to BTC and ETH, Morgan’s analysis raises important questions about whether the legal triumph failed to convert into a stronger market position for the cryptocurrency. An X user, responding to Morgan’s analysis, emphasized the market’s aversion to uncertainty by pointing out that, even with legal clarity, the matter is still unresolved.

Many investors run the danger of losing out on possible gains due to the quick narrative changes in the cryptocurrency field, which are highlighted by the expectation of a post-lawsuit rise and subsequent sell-offs when attention shifts elsewhere. The cryptocurrency community is keeping a close eye on the XRP drama, weighing market factors, legal developments, and investors’ shifting opinions as they navigate the volatile world of digital currency prices.

As of this writing, the price of XRP had decreased by 4.14% in the previous day to trade at $0.5101, while its trading volume had increased by 94.83% to $1.76 billion in the same period. It’s important to remember that on the previous day, the token’s price fluctuated between $0.5051 and $0.5352.

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