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Vitruveo Surpasses $1 Million in NFT Sales and Expands Ecosystem Through Successful Fundraising

NFTs soar past $1 million on Vitruveo's artist-centric blockchain platform, signaling a transformative era for creators in the digital landscape.

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Vitruveo’s innovative blockchain ecosystem empowers artists to tokenize and monetize their creations securely, offering new avenues for income and audience engagement. The Booster and Super Booster NFT sales played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable milestone.

Each NFT includes artwork from renowned international artists, enhanced with augmented reality (AR) for a unique consumer experience. Displayed at Times Square, New York, in December 2023, these artworks garnered attention and added to Vitruveo’s success.

Exclusive Benefits for NFT Holders

NFT holders not only receive a fixed quantity of Vitruveo’s native cryptocurrency ($VTRU) but also enjoy a 30% commission on artwork sales. The protocol’s built-in rebasing function ensures holders watch their $VTRU tokens grow over time without concerns about inflation.

Ecosystem Strengthening and Development

Revenues generated from NFT sales will be strategically allocated to enhance Vitruveo’s ecosystem. Key focus areas include platform feature improvements, expanded partnerships, increased exchange liquidity, and the integration of cutting-edge decentralized applications (Dapps).

Founder’s Gratitude and Vision

Nik Kalyani, Founder and CEO of Vitruveo, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating, “We are thrilled to have crossed the $1 million mark in NFT sales, and we are deeply grateful to our vibrant community who trust in Vitruveo’s vision to become the most trusted blockchain for creators in existence.”

To celebrate this milestone and anticipate future developments, Vitruveo invites media, creators, and blockchain enthusiasts to explore the Vitruveo Booster or Super Booster NFTs at Vitruveo Booster, providing an early entry into the evolving Vitruveo ecosystem.

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