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US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy supports Presidential impeachment inquiry.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, has authorized an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

by V. Sinclair
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Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has directed three GOP-led committees to initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. McCarthy’s decision stems from his assertion that Biden misled the American people regarding his knowledge of his family’s international business dealings. Republicans, including McCarthy, have accused Biden of benefiting from his son Hunter’s business ventures while serving as Vice President under Barack Obama.

The impeachment inquiry will be led by GOP Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, in collaboration with Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, Chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

McCarthy’s move to launch the impeachment inquiry comes amidst mounting pressure from right-wing Republicans to adopt a more aggressive stance against President Biden in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election. However, with a looming government shutdown deadline at the end of the month, McCarthy faces the challenge of securing support from all factions within his party.

In response, the White House, represented by spokesman Ian Sams, has pushed back against the impeachment inquiry, asserting that House Republicans have been investigating President Biden for nine months without uncovering any evidence of wrongdoing. Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, has similarly dismissed the GOP’s investigation as a “complete and total bust,” arguing that the evidence gathered thus far overwhelmingly demonstrates no wrongdoing by President Biden and debunks what he characterizes as Republican conspiracy theories.

The fact that President Biden is now under close scrutiny with a potential impeachment is not unfamiliar to the American public, as former President Donald Trump also faced similar impeachment proceedings during his time in office. Meanwhile, President Trump continues to face legal challenges from the Department of Justice (DoJ) regarding multiple allegations, leading to his arrest on more than one occasion, as previously reported by Coingape. While the impeachment inquiries are still in their early stages, they highlight the nature of democracy being practiced in the largest digital currency market.

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