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Top 8 Telegram Trading Bots to Elevate Your Crypto Game

Telegram trading bots have been known to be a game-changer for those diving into the cryptocurrency markets. These ingenious tools simplify trading by automating it, allowing you to execute trades swiftly and strategically, directly through Telegram.

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Top Telegram Trading bots

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, understanding how these bots operate is crucial for anyone looking to streamline their crypto trading. In this guide, we’ll navigate through the top 8 bots, including standout options like Unibot, Banana, NerdBot, and Rekt, to give you a solid foothold in automated trading. Let’s embark on this journey to smarter, more efficient trading.

  1. Unibot: The Speed Trader’s Companion

Unibot is a Telegram-based trading bot that caters to the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, with a particular focus on Uniswap, a popular decentralised exchange. It facilitates incredibly fast token swaps on Uniswap, aiming to save traders time and potentially offering them a competitive edge in the fast-paced crypto trading environment​.

Key Features
  • Free to Use: Unibot does not charge a subscription fee; users only bear the network and tax fees for trades involving its native token, UNIBOT​​.
  • Fast Trades: The platform offers near-instantaneous trades due to its robust infrastructure and advanced algorithms​​.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Unibot uses Telegram’s familiar messaging app interface, making DeFi trading accessible and less intimidating for users, especially beginners​​.
  • Mirror Snipe Feature: This allows even those new to trading to participate effectively, with recommended strategies such as front running available at the click of a button​​.
  • MEV Protection: Unibot incorporates features to protect users from malicious bots that might try to manipulate transactions, ensuring safer trades​.

Native Token and Fee Structure

The native token of Unibot is UNIBOT, which comes with several benefits for holders, including a share of 40% of transaction fees on the bot and 1% of the tax fees from UNIBOT trades. Token holders enjoy a 20% reduction in token swapping fees on Unibot, provided they hold ten or more UNIBOT tokens. There is also a 5% tax on each UNIBOT trade, part of which is distributed to token holders​​.

Risks and Rewards for UNIBOT Token Holders

Holding UNIBOT tokens comes with potential rewards, such as a share in the bot’s revenue and reduced fees. However, it’s also a risky investment, akin to other crypto assets. One must conduct thorough research before investing in UNIBOT tokens. Additionally, there have been security concerns with Unibot, though most have been resolved. Users are advised to use non-custodial wallets with Unibot for enhanced security​​.


2. Mizar: The Strategic Trade Maestro

Mizar is a smart trading platform that serves as a hub for cryptocurrency investors, offering a social aspect where traders can share and learn profitable strategies. Launched in late 2021, it has attracted attention and funding from notable investors, positioning itself as a platform that supports both novice and experienced traders in the social trading space​3​.

Distinction Between Mizar’s DeFi and CeFi Trading Bots

  • DeFi Trading Bots: Mizar’s DeFi bots allow for the automation of trades in a decentralized manner, enabling users to engage with the volatile cryptocurrency markets using strategies such as dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and application programming interface (API) bots.
  • CeFi Trading Bots: Though not directly available on Telegram, Mizar’s CeFi bots are accessible on the platform’s website, supporting a variety of exchanges and offering features like copy trading and smart trading​3​.

Exploring Mizar’s DeFi Telegram Bot Features 

Mizar’s Telegram bot is part of a broader suite of tools that support zero subscription fees, access to multiple exchanges, an intuitive user interface, innovative product offerings, and advanced smart trading features. It is designed to cater to the needs of traders by simplifying the process of managing assets and executing strategies across different exchanges​3​.

Benefits of Holding and Staking MZR Tokens 

Mizar provides a non-custodial trading interface, meaning users retain control over their funds while using the platform. Its main products include DCA Bots, copy trading, and smart trading, which are accessible without subscription fees. Instead, users pay based on trading volume and the returns generated from copied strategies. This pricing model aligns with how most exchanges operate, making it straightforward for users to understand and manage their costs​.


3. Banana Gun: The Tiered Trading Tactician

Banana Gun is a Telegram bot that enables users to jump on new token launches or to purchase existing tokens securely. It’s designed to be a primary tool for sniping or manual buying, especially on the Ethereum Network. The bot offers two distinct tiers for trading: Manual Buy and Auto Sniper​1​.

  • Manual Buy: This tier has a 0.5% fee and is designed for users who prefer to execute token purchases themselves. It includes features like Anti-Rug and MEV/Private Transactions to enhance the safety and privacy of trades​.
  • Auto Sniper: The Auto Sniper tier charges a higher fee of 0.85%. Like the Manual Buy, it includes Anti-Rug measures and MEV/Private Transactions, with the added benefit of automatically executing trades based on certain criteria set by the user​.

Future plans and roadmap highlights 

Banana Gun has a roadmap that outlines its current and future development stages. The current focus is on implementing limit orders, auto sell features, a user experience rework, and a token launch. Upcoming features include a web-based dApp, multichain support, a comprehensive trade overview, and trade history. Further down the line, the team plans to expand to multiple platforms, introduce a wallet tracker, enable copy trading, and develop a full Banana ecosystem​4​.


4. Maestro: The Early Bird Sniper

Maestro offers a suite of crypto-related tools on Telegram, designed to satisfy the needs of crypto enthusiasts. It features a multi-chain sniper bot that supports BSC, ETH, Arbitrum, and others. Maestro prides itself on providing a platform that handles the complexities of setting up and running trading bots, offering users a lightning-fast trading experience that is accessible on any device that supports Telegram​5​.

Details on the Maestro Pro Bot subscription for advanced traders 

Though detailed information on a Pro Bot subscription was not found, Maestro’s commitment to offering high-end trading terminal functionalities and advanced features such as Easy Liquidity, Launch, and Method Sniping implies that it caters to the needs of advanced traders as well as beginners​5​.

Description of ‘God Mode’ and its features for experienced traders 

The ‘God Mode’ feature was not specifically mentioned in the sources, but the presence of advanced features like anti-rug protection, effortless Pinksale presale entries, and powerful call channel sniping suggests that Maestro provides tools that could be part of or similar to a ‘God Mode’ for experienced traders​5​.

Insights into Maestro’s presale contribution features 

Maestro’s sniper bot allows for effortless entries into Pinksale presales, enabling users to quickly contribute to presales, which are often competitive and time-sensitive. This feature is particularly useful for traders who are looking to get early access to new token launches​5​.

Roadmap Highlights 

Maestro’s development roadmap includes a host of completed milestones such as support for multiple chains and exchanges, creating burner wallets through the sniper bot, auto-sells based on gain/loss thresholds, Telegram call channel sniping, user-controlled settings for market capitalization and liquidity requirements, Pinksale presale sniping, and a variety of anti-scam and efficiency improvements. Future plans involve extending support to more launchpads and swaps, developing transaction-spam sniping tools, and introducing more anti-scam features​5​.


5. Wagie Bot: The Multi-Platform Trader’s Ally

Wagie Bot is a versatile trading assistant that functions on several blockchain networks: Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Arbitrum (ARB). Its proprietary infrastructure is designed to cater to users’ diverse trading needs across these platforms​1​.

Review of Wagie Bot’s extensive feature set 

The feature set of Wagie Bot is extensive, providing a multitude of trading actions like fetching contract details, automated buying, sniping, and copy trading. It also offers wallet management features, including burner and imported wallets, and a referral program. Users can enjoy advanced trading options such as trade tracking, dollar-cost averaging orders, and setting stop-loss and take-profit orders. All of these functions are executed instantly to enhance trading efficiency​1​.

Future development plans for Wagie Bot 

The future updates for Wagie Bot include a range of new features that are in development. These planned features show a commitment to expanding the bot’s utility and include Discord integration, sniping call channels on Telegram, Twitter sniping, presale sniping, a full-auto trading mode, liquidity farming, and a network bridge​2​.

Advantages for WAGIEBOT token holders 

Holding $WAGIEBOT tokens offers users additional benefits that enhance their trading experience with the bot. Token holders can enjoy reduced bot fees, increased wallet limits, more tracked trades, extended tracker timers, additional copy trades, and more active snipes. The tier system is designed to be accessible, with the token threshold for different tiers adjusted based on the project’s market capitalization. Tokenomics are structured with daily buy-backs and a pool that maintains a balance between burning tokens and in-app rewards, incentivizing users to hold onto their tokens​3​.


6. NerdBot: The Analytical Trader’s Tool

NerdBot is an all-in-one analytics platform that has been listed on Bitget, aiming to simplify cryptocurrency trading by providing advanced analytics, smart money tracking, DEX trade capabilities, and portfolio management tools. It is designed to be user-friendly, empowering traders of all skill levels to make informed decisions in the often complex cryptocurrency market​.

Unique features and benefits for traders using NerdBot 

With NerdBot, users gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that track and analyse market trends, enabling them to strategies their trades more effectively. The platform’s integration with The Data Nerd, an on-chain research and analytics firm, underscores its commitment to providing valuable insights that can enhance the trading experience for its users​4​.

Native token or fee structure 

The native token is the NERD token, which implies a native token used within its ecosystem. The token is traded on Bitget, which could offer additional features or benefits within the NerdBot platform, although further details on the token’s utility or fee structure are not provided in the available sources​​.

7. Rekt: The Recovery Specialist

$REKT is not just another meme coin, it’s a Telegram-based trading bot with a mission to bring actual utility to the meme coin phenomenon. Launching with a valuation of $1 million, it promises to deliver more than just laughs with its unique features integrated into Telegram bots, setting a new standard for meme tokens with practical applications.

Unique Approach to Trading Bots and Market Integration

$REKT offers a distinctive combination of gaming and trading functionalities, including a Crash game and elements from UNIBOT integrated into Telegram. Its bots are designed to be multichain compatible, capable of swaps across different blockchains, and adding liquidity to pools, indicating a level of sophistication that surpasses typical bot functionalities.

The Support Network Behind $REKT

Backed by prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, $REKT has already garnered significant attention. With endorsements from influential founders, CEOs, and Web3 personalities, the project touts robust support and high anticipation for its launch.

Availability and Trading of $REKT Tokens

At the time of writing, $REKT tokens are pre-launch and not yet available on trading exchanges. Post-launch, they are expected to trade on decentralized platforms like Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Interested parties can track $REKT’s activity by adding it to their CoinGecko watchlist.

Final Thoughts on $REKT’s Market Entry

$REKT aims to make an impactful entry into the crypto world, positioning itself as more than a meme token—it’s a token with tangible benefits. In an ecosystem where hype often overshadows substance, $REKT stands out as a well-supported project that’s ready to offer genuine products and revolutionize the meme token space.

 8. TokenSight: Real-time actionable alerts for on-chain activity

TokenSight is a DEX Trading Platform. TokenSight allows you to automate a wide variety of DEX trading operations and receive real-time actionable alerts for on-chain activity

Key Features:

  • Trading orders: It provides Buy/Sell Order, Limit, Take Profit,Token Launch Sniping Order and Copy trading order 
  • Alerts : It provides Wallet tracking Alerts, Price change, Price Target , Liquidity and Created Contract alerts
  • Trading Strategies : 1. Using predefined strategies 2. Create your own strategy 

Native token and Fee structure:

The $TKST token is a fundamental part of the TokenSight services. The token holders are entitled to a revenue share of the platform’s trading fees, as well as the token trade taxes. the token enables access to built-in incentive mechanisms, such as referral links.

Risks and rewards for TKST Token Holders: 

The native token of Tokensight is TKST which comes with several benefits for holders including a share of 75% fee distribution generated on successful transaction execution and a share of 40% Fee generated on overall token trading volume. 

However, It is important to note that Exchange charges 0.9%-1% fee  on successfully executed transactions and 5% fee on overall token trading volume

Risk Management in Trading Bots

Risk management in trading bots usually involves features designed to protect the trader’s capital. Here are some common features:

  • Stop-Loss Orders: Automatically sell a cryptocurrency when its price drops to a certain level to prevent significant losses.
  • Take-Profit Orders: Set a target price at which the bot will sell a cryptocurrency to secure profits.
  • Position Sizing: Calculate the amount of capital to be used in each trade based on the user’s risk tolerance.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging: Spread out the purchase of a cryptocurrency at regular intervals to reduce the impact of volatility.
  • Risk/Reward Ratio Settings: Configure the bot to only take trades that meet a predetermined risk/reward criterion.

Best Practices for Safeguarding Cryptocurrency Assets

To mitigate risks when using trading bots:

  • Use bots from reputable sources and with proven track records.
  • Never share your private keys or seed phrases with the bot.
  • Implement two-factor authentication on your accounts.
  • Start with small amounts and monitor the bot’s performance.
  • Keep your bot’s software up to date with the latest security patches.


In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, the rise of Telegram trading bots like Unibot, Mizar, Banana Gun, Maestro, Wagie Bot, and NerdBot has revolutionised the way traders interact with markets. These bots offer a variety of features designed to enhance trading strategies, from high-speed transactions and analytics to risk management and copy trading. Each bot caters to different aspects of trading, whether it’s executing lightning-fast swaps, providing comprehensive market data, or enabling advanced trade configurations.


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