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Today’s Cryptocurrency Prices: PEPE Rals 52%, Bitcoin Approaches $56K, and Ethereum Hits 3,200

The prices of cryptocurrencies saw a good change today as other altcoins increased and Bitcoin got closer to $56,000.

by V. Sinclair
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Today’s main cryptocurrency values had a tremendous bull run, with the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rising by over 8% to about $56,000 and several other altcoins seeing enormous gains. Furthermore, Ethereum surpassed $3,200, marking the largest milestone attained in the previous two years. Other well-known cryptocurrencies, like Cardano (ADA), XRP, and Solana (SOL), had their values increase in the interim.

Major Crypto Prices Today

Earlier, the Bitcoin price extended above the $56,000 level. The Bitcoin price was up by 8.63%, reaching $55,960.08 at the time of writing on Tuesday, Feburary 27. On the other hand, it’s trading volume skyrocketed by a whopping 213.96% to $45.06 billion in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the crypto boasted a market cap of $1.09 trillion.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, the price of Ethereum increased by 3.78% to $3,220.67 at the time of publication, valuing the platform at $386.96 billion. On the other hand, ETH recorded a 54.70% increase in trading volume, reaching $21.26 billion. In the meantime, the value of Binance Coin (BNB) increased by 3.59% to $399.15. Conversely, its 24-hour trading volume increased to $2.16 billion, a 58.36% increase.

The cost of Solana has gradually approached $110. The price of Solana increased by 6.27% to $109.80. Furthermore, over the past day, SOL’s transaction volume increased by 215.36% to $2.92 billion. In the meantime, the price of XRP moved above $0.55. With a rise of 2.98%, the price of XRP closed at $0.5553. Additionally, XRP’s trading volume increased to $1.39 billion, a 93.61% increase.

Meanwhile, the Cardano price  recorded a hike of 6.57% to $0.623 today. In addition, ADA recorded a 114.81 surge in its 24-hour trading volume, settling at $712.62 million. As the top crypto prices registered gains, the meme coin space followed. The Dogecoin price soared by 5.42% to $0.09009 while its rival, Shiba Inu, registered a 4.29% gain in value and traded at $0.00001021.

Top Crypto Prices Today Are

Pepe Coin Surges 52%

Popular joke cryptocurrency Pepe Coin (PEPE) had a sharp increase and became today’s top gainer in cryptocurrencies. Pepe Coin’s price had surged by an impressive 52.09% to $0.000002108 at the time of publication, giving it a market valuation of $885.67 million. Furthermore, its transaction volume in a single day surged by 338.64% to $722.99 million.

Pyth Network Surges 34%

Pyth Network (PYTH) experienced an incredible increase of more than 33% and is now among the top cryptocurrency gainers. By the time of posting, PYTH was trading at $0.7467, having surged 33.71%. Furthermore, its $314.11 million trade volume increased by 493.44%. In addition, during today’s surge, the PYTH cryptocurrency reached a high of $0.7488.

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