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The new cryptocurrency XRP20 is scheduled for its inaugural listing on Uniswap at 9am UTC on Tuesday.

XRP20 Cryptocurrency: Uniswap's New Listing, Tokenomics, and Security Insights

by coinbrit

The newly launched cryptocurrency project XRP20 just announced on Twitter that tomorrow at 9:00 UTC, Uniswap will host its first exchange offering.

Through the official website,, those who took part in the presale can simultaneously reclaim their tokens. Users should exercise caution when communicating with administrators on phony websites and social media profiles, especially those who do so through direct messaging.

You may read an early evaluation of the XRP20 project here.

Staking Used More Than Half of the Available Supply of XRP20

Investors in XRP20 can profit from the profitable staking pool, which provides an APY of almost 50%. More than 20 billion XRP20 tokens, or more than 50% of the tokens authorized for the presale and 20% of the total supply, have already been staked.

A total of 40 billion tokens were handed by the recently launched cryptocurrency project for its presale, along with another 40 billion as staking incentives, 10 billion for Uniswap liquidity, and 10 billion set aside for a token burn.

A Fresh Cryptocurrency to Track
XRP20 stands out as a potential standout in light of the substantial part of the initial circulating supply that is being staked. We have mentioned other IEOs with comparable token structures that experienced over 500% increases on Uniswap.

XRP20, which launched its presale on August 1st, hit its maximum objective of $3.68 million just over two weeks after it started. This achievement came at a time when demand for XRP alternatives was rising.

XRP20 sees itself as the improved version of XRP on the Ethereum blockchain, while being unrelated to Ripple. It provides investors with a more affordable pricing point, a staking-based earning mechanism, and a deflationary strategy that sends 0.1% of each transaction to a burn address. It is anticipated that this technique will increase scarcity and raise the price.

Notably, one of the top three micro cap coins for significant gains according to No Bs Crypto, a well-known cryptocurrency influencer, is XRP20. You may access the relevant video here.

The XRP20’s smart contracts have been audited by 0xGuard for increased security.

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