Home ┬╗ The Hyped Sniper Bot, Solana Gun’s Token: $SOLGUN gets listed Raydium DEX giving investors 15x returns !

The Hyped Sniper Bot, Solana Gun’s Token: $SOLGUN gets listed Raydium DEX giving investors 15x returns !

Solanagun is a telegram trading bot on solana blockchain renowned for its lightning-fast speeds and low fees

by V. Sinclair
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┬áSolanagun is a carefully constructed bot for daring “SOLdiers” and thrill-seeking shitcoin explorers, on telegram.

BananaGun and Unibot Meet on the Solana:

Imagine combining BananaGun’s lightning-fast sniping skills with Unibot’s simple manual trading, all with a laser-like concentration on the thriving Solana ecosystem. That’s the essence of Solanagun.

Prepare to:

  • Snipe with Precision: Use MEV and secret transactions to gain the best advantage and seize the hottest new Solana tokens with state-of-the-art anti-rug and anti-booting shields.


  • Trade Like a Pro: With fees as low as 5%, execute smooth manual buys and sells that are supported by anti-rug and
  • rock-solid re-org protection for stress-free trading.
  • Monitor and Examine: With an intuitive dashboard that serves as your personal Solana command center, you may obtain profound insights into your trading experience, P&L, and market patterns.

Energizing the Future

The Solanagun ecosystem is powered by the $SOLGUN cryptocurrency, which has a 100 billion coin supply. A substantial percentage (70%) went into both public and private funding, with 20% set aside for DEX liquidity and 5% invested in the committed team, guaranteeing a strong base for future expansion.

An enormous amount of excitement was created by the much-awaited public sale that ended earlier today on Raydium. Eager users snatched up $SOLGUN tokens to enable the bot’s revolutionary capabilities.

The listing of Solanagun on Raydium is a turning point. For traders of all skill levels, its potent features, user-friendly design, and laser-like concentration on Solana’s expanding DeFi area make it the go-to tool. So grab a seat, “SOLdiers” and fans of shitcoin, for even “Yo Momma” can become an expert Solana user with Solanagun by your side!

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