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The 12 Days of BONKmas: A Celebration of Their First Year

BONK brought holiday cheer back to the entire Solana community last Christmas, even during the worst of the bear market for the area!

by V. Sinclair
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Merry Christmas, BONK Community! The fact that BONK’s first anniversary is quickly approaching is unbelievable! You can be sure that even though this year has been amazing, the best is still to come. BONK is eager to celebrate the 12 Days of BONKmas with all of the people who have helped to make the BONK ecosystem possible.

As the First Christmas BONK Anniversary draws near, BONKDAO would like to express its gratitude to each and every devoted BONK supporter for their continued support and involvement in this enjoyable holiday celebration and rewards program!

Presenting The 12 Days of BONKmas
BONK brought holiday cheer back to the entire Solana community last Christmas, even during the worst of the bear market for the area! This year, with more than 300 partners and integrations and an all-time high of 680K unique holders, BONK has established itself as the social layer and utility token of Solana. On Solana, only SOL and USDC are used more frequently; this is obviously not your typical dog coin!

Building on the success of this incredible year, BONKDAO is thrilled to offer our devoted and engaged community members a unique holiday celebration called “The 12 Days of BONKmas” in appreciation. This occasion honors the one-year anniversary and features products and partners from BONK. It might even function as the initial release of a future rewards scheme for active participants in the BONK ecosystem.

For individuals who made Santa’s Nice List by being devoted and active BONK ecosystem participants all year long, this is a special BONKmas rewards program.

Create a BONKmas profile
In order to receive exclusive BONKmas rewards, participants need to create a BONKmas Profile using a wallet that qualifies. A wallet can only be considered eligible if, on November 30th, a stealth snapshot was taken and it contained at least $1 million in $BONK. To redeem their rewards, only qualified wallets may register and add more qualified wallets to their profile. Before creating your profile, feel free to check your wallets at

Here are two simple steps to create your BONKmas profile.

Step 1: Connect your Twitter account to your BONKmas profile.

(Accounts on Twitter need to be older than one month). Santa can stop evil holiday grinches from stealing as many presents as possible by creating a verified profile. We recognize that user privacy is important, so we only read the information that users provide through the Twitter connection. You can be sure that no information about Twitter accounts will ever be given to outside parties for profit.

Step 2: Connect the wallets you are eligible for (you can verify this here).

The BONKmas rewards program is limited to users who meet the requirements to set up a BONKmas profile.

As an added bonus, Santa has added you to the BONKmas Nice List so you can take part in the holiday celebrations if he had you on his list but missed you the previous year.

All BONKmas Nice List activities are encouraged to be completed, even if they must wait until the next event in order to be eligible.

Santa will be around all year, and there’s a chance Christmas will arrive a few more times.

Have you behaved well or poorly? Presenting the Nice List
Users in our BONK community can check if they are “Naughty” or “Nice” in the spirit of the holiday season. There’s always Santa and his elves keeping watch!

Users will be able to add all eligible wallets via wallet connect after creating a BONKmas Profile. After the initial connections, these wallets will be combined under a single BONKmas Profile, eliminating the need for multiple wallet interactions. After linking all eligible wallets, users can visit the Nice (and Naughty) List (which will be available soon) to see their status.

Santa has kindly offered you the opportunity to maximize your rewards this BONKmas in the good cheer of the holidays.

Every profile will receive additional time to participate in BONK activities starting on December 12th during the 12-day BONKmas event, provided that the profile does not yet have a check mark next to it.

Note: Before the FINAL snapshot takes place on December 23 at 3pm UTC, eligible wallets will have the opportunity to create their BONKmas Profile at any time. Beginning on December 24th, Santa will be occupied with awarding BONKmas profiles; his list will remain unchanged following the last image.

Activities for BONKmas
On December 12, the first day of BONKmas, participants will see tasks from the Nice List that are still unfinished, along with an extension from Santa to finish unfinished tasks. Santa and his elves won’t be able to keep an eye on wallets every day during this time because they will be too busy at work. During the 12 Days of BONKmas, there will be a midpoint check to assess your progress.

Keep a record of your BONKmas Nice List tasks:

December 12th โ€” First day of BONKmas Profile creation with current status.

December 18th โ€” Update on BONKmas Nice List status

December 23rd โ€” Final update for BONKmas Nice List status.

Up until December 23rd, we will be showcasing enjoyable holiday activities on X and Instagram throughout the 12-day BONKmas event.

The purpose of these events is to highlight important partnerships and goods within the BONK Ecosystem. To demonstrate how deep the social layer and utility of the BONK ecosystem have grown over the past year, a wide variety of apps, including DeFi, gaming, and art, have been chosen.

Together, let’s celebrate BONK, which is more than just your typical dog coin.

Complete information about the BONKmas Nice List activities and what’s needed to receive the check mark:

Festive BONKmas Activities: 12 Days of BONKmas

December 23rd at 3 PM UTC is when the BONKmas Nice List will close so that Santa can get ready to deliver the BONKmas prizes. Santa and his elves request that everyone on the Nice List be patient and kind as they work nonstop!

On December 24 at 5:00 p.m. UTC, BONKmas Claims will open (subject to changes)

BONKmas Profiles have until December 31 at 5 p.m. UTC to finish their claims.

Santa will work diligently until 2024 to maintain his “Naughty or Nice” list.

If he returns to the BONK community in the early months of 2024, don’t be shocked.

He’ll be observing.

Keeping in Touch
It is recommended that readers follow this Medium page and interact with the community on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram in order to stay informed about $BONK’s advancements and ongoing endeavors. As it becomes more evident that the $BONK ecosystem is an integral part of Solana’s narrative, this involvement will guarantee access to the most recent data about it.

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