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Tether: We’ve added the FBI and the Secret Service to our platform.

Tether froze wallets on the United States sanctions list last week, claiming to have frozen 435 million USDT so far.

by V. Sinclair
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Tether, the company behind the  stablecoin, has published letters it sent to the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee and the House Financial Services Committee outlining its “commitment to security and close working relationships with law enforcement.”

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino, who recently took the helm of the company, emphasized Tether’s recent decision to disable Tether’s tokens in all wallets on the Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC) sanction list in a more recent letter. Tether claims to have assisted the Department of Justice, the United States Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in freezing 326 wallets totaling 435 million USDT, though its most recent frozen wallets appear to contain far fewer tokens than that total.

Ardoino is another name for Tether “recently onboarded the United States Secret Service into our platform and is in the process of doing the same” for the FBI, according to the company.

The letters were sent to Senator Cynthia Lummis, a crypto-friendly figure in the Senate, as well as the chairs and ranking members of the aforementioned committees.

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