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Telegram Introduces Toncoin Payments for In-Platform Advertisements

New Monetization Initiative Offers Revenue Sharing to Channel Founders.

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Telegram, the popular messaging application, has unveiled a new user monetization initiative, allowing users to make payments in Toncoin for purchasing in-platform advertisements. This move marks a significant step forward in integrating cryptocurrency into the Telegram ecosystem.

Toncoin Payments for In-platform advertisements

Users now have the option to utilize Toncoin, a cryptocurrency powered by the Ton blockchain, for buying advertisements within the Telegram platform. Notably, 50% of the revenue generated from these advertisements will be shared with the founders of public channels, providing them with a novel revenue stream.

Telegram users can further boost their channels by spending Toncoin, giving them the ability to select their preferred channels for displaying Ton-boosted advertisements. This new feature offers channel owners additional opportunities for monetization and audience engagement.

Fees-Free Rewards Withdrawal

Channel owners will also benefit from the option to withdraw their rewards without any fees. This forthcoming feature will be accessible through Telegram’s Fragment exchange in the upcoming weeks, as announced by the company.

Advantages of Ton Blockchain

Telegram’s decision to utilize the Ton blockchain is based on its low fees, fast transaction speeds, and high scalability. With the Ton blockchain capable of processing up to 100,000 transactions per second, it provides an efficient and cost-effective platform for conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

CEO Pavel Durov’s Announcement

CEO Pavel Durov shared this development with Telegram users in a previous announcement, highlighting the immense potential for content creators to monetize their channels through Toncoin payments. Durov emphasized that this initiative creates a positive cycle, enabling channel owners to cash out their Toncoins and reinvest them for channel growth.

Telegram advertisements offer a unique proposition by being visible exclusively in large public channels, without relying on user data. This distinctive approach makes it advantageous for channel owners seeking to monetize their content while maintaining user privacy.

Toncoin Price Surge

Following the announcement, the price of Toncoin experienced a notable increase, rising by 2.32% within the past twenty-four hours and reaching $5.24. This surge reflects growing investor interest in Toncoin and the potential impact of Telegram’s monetization initiatives on its value.

Telegram’s introduction of Toncoin payments for in-platform advertisements represents a significant milestone in user monetization within the messaging application. By offering revenue sharing to channel founders and providing additional monetization opportunities, Telegram aims to empower content creators and foster a vibrant ecosystem within its platform.

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