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Telegram and Helika Gaming Unveil $50M Gaming Accelerator Program

Telegram and Helika Gaming Launch $50M Accelerator to Boost Blockchain Game Development and Innovation on Ton Blockchain

by Isaac lane
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Telegram has announced the launch of the Telegram Gaming Accelerator in partnership with Helika Gaming, aiming to leverage the Ton blockchain to enhance its gaming ecosystem. This initiative follows the success of Telegram blockchain-powered mini-apps, which have seen significant traction in recent months.

Boosting the Gaming Experience

The new accelerator program is designed to improve user gaming experiences on the messaging platform by fostering innovation among game developers. This move comes after the success of games like Hamster Kombat, which launched on Telegram in March and attracted 200 million players.

Source: Notcoin

Notcoin’s announcement on X highlighted the potential of the vast Telegram user base, describing it as the “new meta.” By teaming up with Helika Gaming, Telegram aims to extend its accelerator program specifically for game developers. The program will support game studios, mobile app developers, and indie creators by providing significant funding and resources.

$50 Million Backing

The collaboration is backed by $50 million in funding from Helika Accelerate. This financial support will help developers create engaging and innovative gaming applications integrated within Telegram. The partnership seeks to combine Telegram’s platform capabilities with the Ton blockchain, offering a unique and enhanced gaming experience.

Application Process

The first cohort for applications to the Telegram Gaming Accelerator program is set to open next week. Developers interested in building gaming applications within Telegram will have the opportunity to apply and benefit from the program’s resources and support.

Notcoin’s Viral Success

In January, the viral clicker game Notcoin broke crypto game records by recruiting over 20 million sign-ups in less than a month. By simplifying the onboarding process, Notcoin removed barriers for users, motivating them to engage with Web3 technology. This success story underscores the potential for innovative gaming solutions within the Telegram ecosystem.

Source: Notcoin

The Telegram Gaming Accelerator program represents a strategic move by Telegram to diversify its gaming offerings and attract a broader audience through incentivized game development. By partnering with Helika Gaming and leveraging blockchain technology, Telegram aims to create a vibrant and dynamic gaming environment for its users.

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