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Superteam UK BuildStop Week 2: Mad Day of Airdrops, Talks and Collaboration

The week unfolded into a dynamic tapestry of innovation, networking and learning featuring a thrilling segue into the heart of the UK with BuildStop!

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Super team Uk

BuildStop Week 2 kicked off with a bang, infusing the community with excitement as STUK members were in the surprise 50,000 SAROS airdrop. 

Airdrop Extravaganza Ignites Enthusiasm

The $SAROS airdrop set the stage for a week filled with high spirits and anticipation. SuperteamUK members shared their joy on social media, creating a ripple effect of positivity that fueled the vibrant atmosphere at BuildStop.


Networking and Co-Working Mania

BuildStop Week 2 was not just an event; it was a melting pot of ideas and connections. From engaging networking sessions to collaborative co-working spaces, participants immersed themselves in a whirlwind of creativity.
Explore the SupeteamUK Twitter feed for firsthand glimpses into the energetic collaborations that unfolded.

Founder of doodle devils with CapinUK


Madlads, Special Guests and City Hall Intrigue

The event took an unexpected turn with the presence of the madlads cutout, injecting humor and charm into the proceedings. Special guest Vishal from Multicoin Capital added a touch of expertise, sharing insights on fundraising in 2024. City Hall became the backdrop for intriguing happenings—stay tuned for a video unveiling the excitement!



For the SuperteamUK team, BuildStop was just the beginning. They hightailed it to Birmingham for BuildExpress, keeping the Solana spirit alive and well. This community is on fire, and we can’t wait to see what they build next. BuildStop was more than just an event; it was a testament to the thriving UK Solana ecosystem and its boundless potential. 

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